Best Apprenticeships

Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Landing a Cyber Security Apprenticeship (in 2024)

Cyber security is the defence of computer systems, networks, devices & data from unauthorised access and exploitation. It affects everyone: businesses, governments, even you at home. The world of cyber is a constant battle between the people working in cyber …

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Aircraft Engineering Apprenticeships

Aircraft engineering apprenticeships

You know when people say, ‘It’s not rocket science’? What if you could prove them wrong and actually do rocket science? Apply your interest in the world of aviation to the engineering industry with an aircraft engineering apprenticeship. Let’s look …

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Radiography Apprenticeships

Radiography apprenticeships (Guide for 2024)

Ever wondered what the inside of your body looks like? Well, radiographers and radiologists know! Radiography is a medical technique that uses radiation to create images of the inside of a patient’s body, like their tissues, bones and organs. Getting …

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Landscaping & Gardening Apprenticeships

Gardening & Landscaping Apprenticeships (in 2024)

If you have green fingers, you could consider a career as a gardener or landscaper. What Does A Gardener/ Landscaper Do? The primary responsibility of landscapers and gardeners is the maintenance of plants, flowers, trees and lawns. This includes a …

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AI Apprenticeships Guide

AI Apprenticeships (A guide for 2024)

Although it is a relatively new phenomenon,  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to impact more of our daily lives. The UK is regarded as a global leader in AI, credited with cutting-edge research and innovation.   In 2022, the UK Government …

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How to get work experience at EY?

To get work experience at EY through their Career Starters program, students in Year 11/S4 can attend a one-day virtual event, while students in Year 12/S5 can attend a combination of virtual and in-person events held in EY offices in Bristol, Edinburgh, London, and Manchester. Interested students can apply to any of the office locations, but it’s advised to apply to the location where they would like to be employed in the future. After applying, students may be invited to the in-person office event nearest to them. The program covers topics such as inclusivity, sustainability, technology, and offers skills development workshops. Additionally, Year 12/S5 students have the opportunity to be fast-tracked onto one of EY’s apprenticeship opportunities through the program.

How to get work experience at Grant Thornton?

To participate in Grant Thornton’s work experience programme, interested individuals should meet certain eligibility criteria, which include attending a state school or college, being eligible for free school meals (or attending a school with a high proportion of students eligible for free school meals), or being the first member of their immediate family to attend university.

The programme involves spending up to four days in one of Grant Thornton’s local offices, where participants learn about various aspects of business and professional skills development through group sessions and professional development workshops. They also have the opportunity to network with colleagues from different areas of the company. You can register interest for upcoming programmes on their website.

How to get work experience at Howdens?

Pop into your local store or email Howden’s recruitment team to understand whether or not any opportunities are available. You must be at least 16 years-old due to the health and safety reasons to work in warehouses.

How to get work experience at KPMG?

To participate in KPMG’s Discovery Work Experience programme, interested students who are finishing Year 13 in 2024 or have already completed Year 13 and are looking to start an apprenticeship in autumn 2024 can apply. The programme provides participants with a first-hand view of KPMG’s projects, clients, and impact on communities.
The three-day paid in-person programme offers interactive learning opportunities, workshops to enhance employability skills, and networking sessions with colleagues from across the firm. Upon completion of the Discovery experience, participants may have the opportunity to advance through the recruitment process for one of KPMG’s Apprenticeship Programmes, subject to meeting the requirements.

How to get work experience at Kreston Reeves?

To obtain work experience at Kreston Reeves, individuals can engage with educational organizations such as the Education Business Partnership, Careers Service, Schools, and Colleges. These organizations facilitate structured work placements in consultation with Kreston Reeves and other businesses. Interested individuals can inquire with these educational organizations to learn more about the available opportunities and how to participate in work placements offered by Kreston Reeves. The placements are designed to add value to the education process in a realistic and worthwhile manner, providing participants with insights into the firm and the industry while contributing to economic prosperity by nurturing high-caliber talent.

How to get work experience at Mazars?

To participate in Mazars’ work experience programme, interested students in Year 12/S5 and Year 13/S6 within the UK can apply for the Future Choices: Access Accountancy programme. This initiative is targeted towards students meeting the eligibility requirements set by Access Accountancy, emphasizing Mazars’ commitment to improving access to their profession for individuals from diverse backgrounds. The programme runs in April for Year 12/S5 students and October for Year 13/S6 students across many of Mazars’ offices in the UK. Mazars provides laptops for virtual sessions, interactive briefs, lunch, and reasonable travel expenses for participants.

How to get work experience at McDonald’s?

To participate in McDonald’s work experience programmes, individuals can choose between the virtual Work Experience Programme and the in-restaurant Student Work Experience Programme. Interested individuals can access the virtual Work Experience programme through Youth Employment UK. There are two modules …

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