How to write the perfect job application.

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Before we start, let’s make something clear. This isn’t just another one of those list articles about what kind of jobs might be good for you.

In fact, I want to spend some time talking about the ‘how’ of job searching. How do you get the perfect job or apprenticeship you have been dreaming about? It all boils down to one thing.

You write a hell of a good application. 

At Mimer, we believe you are only one killer-application away from your dream job. That’s why our team of professional writers work with hundreds of young people to craft their perfect job applications. And we’d like to help you, too.

Sounds too good to be true?

We are feeling generous, so we have decided to share our dedicated application writing process, to take you all the way from first look to signing that contract.

Here’s how we do it at Mimer:

1. Overview of job material & previous applications

Note down the most important keywords and analyse the job post. What is the company looking for? Interpret the culture of the company and what kind of person they would be looking to hire.

A lot is written in-between the lines and is not explicitly mentioned in the post. Compare the notes with your resume and previous applications, what achievements can you highlight and how can you build your application to match that job post?

2. Match between the candidate and the job

The company is always looking for an ideal candidate, but those rarely exist, so define a scenario where you see yourself working in the company. Do your research about the company on their LinkedIn profiles and website. Set up three of your professional or personal competencies that align with the company.

3. What is the company looking for?

It is vital that in the application you can narrow down your characteristics, because companies are not looking for a robot to come in and fill out an Excel-sheet from 9–5. They are looking for an engaging and active person, who will also fit in with current employees.

In general, from our over 500 applications written, we work from four parameters that are relevant for the employer to spot in the application. Ideas, purpose, motivation, and communication. Yes, this might sound super abstract and fluffy, but, trust us, it is what companies love to read in an application.

4. The company’s 4 assessment criteria

Great, you managed to nail down what kind of ideas you can bring to the job, what your intention is with the job, what your motivation and engagement is, but how are you communicating about it? The last parameter is really the text in your application, and you have to formulate that in a well-structured way with appropriate superlatives and adjectives.

5. Structure and length

Now the writing starts! Write down your ideas, purpose and motivation. Easy, right. Keep it short, concise and precise. Keep it below 4–5 paragraphs of text and do not write a novel-long cover letter, no one is reading that anyways.

Ultimately, the person, who gets the apprenticeships is not the person, who has the shiniest resume, but the person, who understands the role and knows how to create value in the company.

Why you should try out Mimer

If you are still convinced that you can write an application that will get you in the door of your dream job, please take our advice, and get started on your killer-application.

Then again, you could always just hand it over to our team of writers with years of journalistic experience. They have conveyed hundreds of applications, securing university admissions, scholarships and jobs for students.

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