Apprentice Electronics Technician


Apprentice Electronic Technicians play a key role looking after our communications networks.

You’ll join a team that supports and maintains the internal network in our telephone exchanges, radio stations and data centres and be responsible for establishing and maintaining communications systems. You’ll do this using a range of different physical and remote tools, to install hardware and software. Your day to day can range from finding faults, to dividing cables between two digital distribution frames. You might also carry out tasks to install and commission various types of new equipment within our network buildings – it’s all in a day’s work for you.

You’ll be trained in the use of the cutting-edge technology we use to transfer data and voice over the internet; really at the forefront of what we can do in the telco industry. One day you could be maintaining electronic switching systems (this is the equipment that provides dial tone to your home telephone and routes calls), the next you could be working on the equipment and systems we use to transport data digitally over the fibre and radio networks. You’ll need to learn to prioritise effectively and how to solve problems, using initiative to get things working in the most logical manner, avoiding any network downtime.

Working as an Apprentice Electronics Technician is a really varied job. Not only will you be faced with a different set of challenges every day, you could be tackling those problems in different ways too. This role could require you to work alone or as part of a team, this could be both at either our network of large exchange buildings and Data Centres, or at smaller remote sites.

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll become responsible for several exchanges in your local area and on track for a great career.

This job is available in the  Technology part of our business