Customer Service Associate – Wholesale Support & Service


As part of the customer service team in Wholesale Support, you’ll get a unique view of our business. You’ll be part of an Ethernet order delivery team, delivering high value access networks to our wide range of business customers. This means you’ll be managing internet orders for both small and large companies and looking after them the whole way through the order process. We’ll make sure you develop a great knowledge of our product portfolio and how everything works together, so you can really help provide the customer with the right solution for them.    

Not only will you work closely with our customers and develop great relationships with them, you’ll also get a chance to build your stakeholder management skills. Not only will you be delivering Ethernet access to critical customers, you’ll also be working with communication providers such as Gamma, Virgin, Orange and Telefonica, as well as our internal partners, Openreach & Technology. You’ll work with and manage all stakeholders to drive a great customer experience, a simple resolution, and make sure we’re continuously improving our processes and systems.

Continually finding ways to provide a better service for our customers is really important to us, as we use data to do that. Data insights are key to developing a high performing team and you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in the build and analysis of key data sets to help direct decision making. You’ll also get to influence teams supporting our improvement roadmaps. As the world of technology advances at pace, you’ll be at the forefront of it all as an operational pioneer.

This job is available in the Enterprise part of our business.