Network Engineer


Our network is at the heart of everything we do; from sending a text, to air traffic control systems. It’s constantly evolving, and we’re at the forefront of technology for the next generation of cutting-edge mobile networks and services. Our Network Engineer apprentices play a key part in making sure that continues.

Your role in our team will be to ensure our networks are designed, tested, built and maintained with fresh, new, innovative ideas in mind. You’ll be managing different services across our networks, ensuring that our customers have the very best experience. Not only that, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in testing the latest networking technology, upgrading the existing network and the planning, installing and running of network elements and using world class data analytics to drive service improvements.

You’ll be taught job specific skills such as how to plan, design, build and test a simple network, applying appropriate security products and processes. From there, you’ll learn how to identify the key characteristics of a new network service, how to monitor the network, resolve incidents through problem solving and an understanding of how Service Management is key to this process. You will also gain knowledge of network traffic and how to determine the minimum network capacity required to meet network requirements. You’ll also be trained to identify and evaluate network security risks, ensuring our network design is secure and resilient.

Because we believe in placing the customer at the heart of everything we do, you’ll learn about things such as human-centred design and agile ways of working.  You’ll also work with our customers directly, helping both technical and non-technical users alike, to install and maintain computer networks, as well as offer technical support to users where necessary.  

This job is available in the  Technology part of our business