Radio Structures Draughtsperson – Associate/Trainee


If you enjoy being busy, having the significant technical expertise and computer aided design skills to deal with a wide variety of design situations, you’ll be ideally suited to this role. An Associate Draughtsperson works on the structural design and technical drawing of our radio tower sites. It’s a vital role, as without our radio towers, we wouldn’t be able to provide communications to our customers.

It’s a role that will keep you busy, don’t get us wrong. We’ll teach you the specific detailed technical skills required to complete technical drafting and design, and how it all works – as well as the practical skills and knowledge you’ll need to work safely on towers. After all, you can’t design a tower if you don’t know how it all fits together.  

You’ll also be taught job specific skills such as computer-aided design (CAD). You’ll learn how to use CAD software in the right way, as well as the other things you need to know about. Things like health and safety standards, environmental principles, and regulatory requirements. You’ll also learn a range of engineering theories and principles.  

This job is available in the  Technology part of our business