Vauxhall Apprenticeship Programme – Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Cars)

  • Level 2 (Intermediate)
  • Level 3 (Advanced)
  • UK
  • This position has been filled.


The Vauxhall Apprenticeship Programme offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge within a manufacturer that has produced cars in the UK for over one hundred years.

An Apprenticeship within a dealership can provide a sustainable career for young hardworking professionals and offers numerous development opportunities.

The future success of Vauxhall depends on the people we employ within the dealer network. Young people are vitally important towards this which is why we ensure all Apprentices receive the highest standard of training possible.

The Vauxhall Apprenticeship Programme is designed to equip you with all the relevant skills and knowledge required to develop you into a fully qualified member of our team and to make a success of your career.

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Cars) Training

You will learn how to diagnose and repair faults on a range of Vauxhall vehicles, as well as carry out routine servicing. Computer technology plays a key part in today’s vehicles and you will use diagnostic equipment as part of your everyday activities.

You will receive extensive training on a full range of topics which will result in nationally recognised industry qualifications.

The Vauxhall Service Technician Apprenticeship Programme lasts for 3 years during which time you will be employed by your local Vauxhall dealership and also attend 17 weeks of Block Training at our centre in Doncaster. All travel & Accommodation costs are covered by your employer.

During your Apprenticeship you will receive first class support from a Vauxhall Apprenticeship Development Coach and a Work Place Mentor.

Upon successful completion of your Apprenticeship Programme you will have achieved:

  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship Framework/ Apprenticeship Standards
  • ATA Light Vehicle Service Maintenance Technician
  • Level 3 Award Automotive Refrigerant Handling
  • My Academy (Vauxhall Specific Training) Bronze & Silver Level Certification

Post Graduation

But that’s not all, when you successfully graduate with your Apprenticeship complete, we will continue to help you grow and develop your career within the Vauxhall dealer network.There are opportunities to follow a wide range of career paths.

Maybe you want to become a Vauxhall Repair Technician? Or a Manager running your own department with responsibility for developing other people and providing Vauxhall customers with first class service? Alternatively, you might decide to use your knowledge and skills to sell Vauxhall products? The choice will be yours, however, you can be assured we will help and support you all the way.