How to find an apprenticeship

How to find an apprenticeship

There are many ways to find an apprenticeship. The key is to find the right one for you. If you have a good idea of the career you want to have, you can search apprenticeships by industry or even job title on dedicated apprenticeship sites (such as ours).

Since apprenticeships are paid positions, job sites will list current apprenticeship vacancies, and you can filter the results and then set up notifications to alert you to any matches. No matter where you are in the UK, each country has an official apprenticeship site linked to the Government. You can also find apprenticeship vacancies on company career pages and at job fairs. Some university websites also list apprenticeship options. 

If you are unsure what field you are interested in, it’s worth browsing different apprenticeships to see if anything sparks an interest. Think about your natural skills and personality traits and research a variety of job roles to see if you think you are well suited to the position. Next, make sure you meet the requirements or work towards being eligible for the position by filling in any gaps in your education. Then start applying. Don’t limit yourself to applying for just one apprenticeship, even if it’s the only one you want. It’s always best to give yourself options.

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