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What are the different levels of apprenticeships?

There are four types of apprenticeships, Intermediate Apprenticeships, Advanced Apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeships, and Degree Apprenticeships. Within those classifications, there are six levels, levels 2-7.

Level 2 is an Intermediate Apprenticeship, level 3 is an Advanced Apprenticeship,

levels 4 and 5 are Higher Apprenticeships, and levels 6 and  7 are Degree Apprenticeships.

Each level of apprenticeship will have different entry requirements and offer the opportunity to work towards a specific qualification. As the levels increase, you are looking at stricter and tougher entry requirements and a higher qualification. Level 2 is equivalent to five A-C GCSE passes, while Level 3 is equivalent to two good A Level results. 

Levels 4 and 5 are equivalent to a higher education certificate, a higher education diploma or the first year of a degree, sometimes known as a foundation degree.

Level 6 is equivalent to a full Bachelor’s degree, while level 7 is equivalent to a Master’s degree.