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The beating heart of the UK, London has a lot to offer budding apprentices across every sector. The home to many company HQ’s, gaining an apprenticeship in London can unlock the first step to a whole number of different career opportunities.

London Apprenticeships

Careers in London

London is the place to be for a number of industries, including (but not limited to) the best in finance, technology, and creative careers. Nowhere else in the UK will your skills be so challenged, yet also so handsomely rewarded.

Joining an apprenticeship programme can offer a foot in the door to these industries and others, both for young people and adults looking to switch up their careers. 

As an apprentice in London, you can expect to split your time between practical, hands on working, and study. This best of both worlds approach ensures that you gain new skills and knowledge each day on-the-job, while also cementing this knowledge with the latest training and theory.

London is also home to many degree apprenticeships, allowing you to earn a degree while taking home an income, and no student debt!

Latest apprenticeship opportunities in London:

Top apprenticeship employers in London

London is home to some of the best companies to work in the whole of the UK. Celebrated for their award winning apprenticeship schemes, some of London’s amazing apprenticeship employers include:

  • Transport For London
  • Goldman Sachs
  • GSK
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Accenture
  • IBM

Degree apprenticeships in London

London is a top location for degree apprenticeships, in part because of the fantastic selection of universities on offer. To offer a degree apprenticeship, an employer must partner with a university to deliver it, and many large organisations opt to do so in the capital. 

This means that you have the opportunity to have your cake and eat it. Grab a university qualification (and sample the lifestyle) while working and earning a wage. Perhaps a better choice than being a skint student?

Degree Apprenticeships

Industry spotlight

IT apprenticeships

London is a cracking place for technology and IT apprenticeships, being the home to IBM, Google, and Amazon. You’ll find a whole host of IT opportunities across the capital, from software development to hardware engineering, and everything in between.

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Finance apprenticeships

Home to the UK’s largest banks, London apprentices hoping to make their first step into a finance career have plenty to choose from. But be warned, competition is fierce.

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Marketing and media Apprenticeships

Another great industry for London apprenticeships, marketing and media companies offer a unique way to join their organisations.

Nabbing an apprenticeship job in a big media company is not so different from joining with a university degree, as everyone must work there way up, gaining experience along the way. For this reason apprenticeships in media and marketing are highly sought, especially in London.

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