Results Day Guides

Your journey doesn't end with results, it's just the beginning. Find guidance and support here for different exam results days across the UK.

GCSE Results Day

Like most things in life, preparation is the best way to alleviate feelings of anxiety, so we’ve put together an ultimate guide to GCSE results day.

GCSE Guide: Young Woman wearing shades jumping in the air
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A Level Results Day

All those long nights of studying are over – A Level results day is here. What happens next is completely up to you, and how exciting is that?

A Level Guide: Young Woman Celebrates
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BTEC Results Day

When is BTEC results day 2024? What are your options if you don’t get the grades you need? Answers to these questions and more in our comprehensive guide.

BTEC results day: A young student holding books
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T Level Results Day

Feeling confident, excited, anxious or a mixture? We’re here to reassure you that no matter the outcome, there are plenty of paths you can take after T-Levels.

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T Levels Results Day