Industry Guides

Navigating apprenticeship opportunities can be challenging, especially when you have a specific field or sector in mind.
Our guides, crafted with insights from industry experts, are designed to assist you in exploring the most popular apprenticeship sectors.

Agriculture & Environment

The agriculture and environment industry puts food on our plates and keep the natural world healthy.

Agriculture and Environment Apprenticeships: young women planting a seed in the ground.
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Animal Care

Look after your furry, feathered and feline friends with an exciting career in animal care.

Animal Care Apprenticeships
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Business & Management

Some of the biggest companies are looking for big thinkers, self-starters, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Young women working on tablet
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Watch as the things you construct come to life all around you with a career in construction.

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Consutrction apprenticeships Hero image: Young women in high-vis with clipboard.


There are thousands of other jobs – many of them behind-the-scenes – that provide dynamic and rewarding careers.

Defence Apprenticeships
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Digital & IT

Our world is constantly evolving, and we need the latest technology in order to keep up.

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Does the idea of shaping young minds appeal to you? You could start a rewarding career in education. 

Education Apprenticeships hero: Young woman writing with board pen
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Energy & Sustainability

In today’s world, there’s a big focus on taking care of the environment and using energy wisely.

Energy & Sustainability Apprenticeships
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Engineering can take you pretty much anywhere, from the bottom of the ocean to the deep reaches of space.

Engineering Apprenticeships
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Finance & Accounting

Do you have an eye for numbers? A feel for the fiscal? Maybe your future lies in the world of finance.

Finance Apprenticeships
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Government & Civil Service

School leaver of career switcher, get your start as a civil servant through an apprentice route.

Government Apprenticeships hero: Middle aged woman wearing an orange jumper
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Healthcare is all about helping people, be that with medicine, therapy, physical treatment or social care. 

Healthcare apprenticeships hero: a junior healthcare worker
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Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the UK, employing over 1.5 million people.

Hospitality Apprenticeships: A young chef prepares food
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Law & Legal

Legal apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly common way of breaking into an exciting industry.

Law & Legal Apprenticeships: A statue of the scales of justice
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It’s not just all about skyscrapers and robots. So many things we use every day exist because of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships
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Marketing & Sales

Helping to spread the desired sales messages from a company about their products and services.

Marketing Apprenticeships
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Media & Journalism

You’ll be hard pressed to find a job with more variety, creativity, and potential for impact than a media apprenticeship.

Media Apprenticeships
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In retail, every day is different, so your learning, growth and development are supercharged.

Retail Apprenticeships Hero: Barista pours coffee into mug
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Science & Pharmacy

Want to satiate a natural curiosity with the world around you? You’ll find no better place than a career in science.

Science Apprenticeships
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Social Care

Social workers offer help and support to vulnerable or disadvantaged children, adults, and families.

Social Care Apprenticeships
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Sports & Fitness

From coaching professional athletes to teaching the next generation of up-and-comers.

Sports & Fitness Apprenticeships: Young man kicking football with pink background
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Supply Chain & Logistics

From coaching professional athletes to teaching the next generation of up-and-comers.

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A hands-on approach to learning essential skills in fields such as carpentry, plumbing, masonry, electrical, and more.

Trades Apprenticeships
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Want to help people get from A to B? You might be suited to a career in the transport sector.

Transport Apprenticeships
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