The Best Paying Apprenticeships in the UK (for 2024 so far)

You know what they say: ‘Money makes the world go round’. 

One of the main reasons why young people choose to do an apprenticeship instead of studying at university is because you will earn while you learn, which means you can enjoy financial freedom sooner than your peers. 

It’s also important to remember that money isn’t everything when it comes to apprenticeships – the knowledge, experience and connections you gain will add huge value to your dream career. That being said, it’s still nice to have some cash in your pocket!

Read on to find out where you can find 2024’s most in-demand and highly-paid apprenticeships. 

Highest paying apprenticeships (in 2024 so far)

Unsurprisingly, the big-money apprenticeships available are generally in the big-money industries like finance and tech. Let’s take a look…

Security Cyber Apprenticeship – Civil Service 

Pay: £23,850 – £27,000

Requirements: UK nationality plus an IT qualification (e.g. a GCSE)

The Civil Service’s Level 4 apprenticeship comes with a wage that most university graduates would envy. This apprenticeship also takes into account ‘London living’, so you can take home a cool £27K if you are in the capital

The salary is not the only benefit. You will learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity, from encryption to digital forensics! 

When you are qualified, you can transition to a permanent role in a range of exciting departments and do your part to keep the UK safe.

Finance Apprenticeship – Tesco

Pay: £23,000

Requirements: English and Maths GCSE at level 4+

Through Tesco’s 2-year, Level 4 Professional Accounting Apprenticeship, you’ll earn a great £23K wage.

You’ll complete a CIMA Professional Qualification and will have the option to complete further education through a 3-year Finance graduate programme at the end. 

This position is based in Welwyn Garden City in Herefordshire, so you might want to relocate if you’re chasing the cash. 

Tesco’s goal is to prove that finance is more than just numbers. This well-paid apprenticeship will walk you through business operations, financial reporting, technical skills and more. Plus, Tesco will throw in cheap coffees – who doesn’t love that!

Economic Crime Apprenticeship – Santander

Pay: £22,000

Requirements: English and Maths GCSE at level 4+

Santander is a big player in banking. Everyone knows who they are, and they have 140 million customers worldwide. Join their team in either Milton Keynes or Bradford during their Economic Crime Apprenticeship. 

For 24 months, you’ll be investigating clients for financial fraud, such as reviewing documents and monitoring shady characters. Fraud is a huge issue in the banking industry, which is why you will also earn an industry-recognised ICA certificate in Risk Management as well as your apprenticeship!

Software Development Apprenticeship – BP

Pay: £20,000 + £3,000 sign-on bonus

Requirements: Minimum 2 A Levels in STEM subjects at grade C or above

BP is one of the most iconic names in the oil industry. With over 60,000 employees globally, they’re also a great employer too. Maybe that’s why their Software Development Apprenticeship pays £20K plus a £3K bonus when you sign onto their team.

This is a Level 4 opportunity that will teach you everything you need to know about top programming languages such as Java, C#, .Net and NodeJS. If that doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry – BP have got you covered. Their expert team will guide you through low-code platforms, web development and more. 

Customer Service Apprenticeship (Business Banking) – NatWest Group

Pay: £20,000

Requirements: English and Maths GCSE at level 4+

NatWest are certainly generous with their apprenticeships. The £20k salary is made even better with 33 days’ holiday and an excellent Financial Services Customer Advisor Level 2 qualification at the end. 

You’ll be learning how to meet customers’ needs, promote NatWest’s digital services and work closely with departments across the whole business. 

Although customer service sometimes gets a bad rap, it’s an awesome starting point for your career. After all, it’s impossible to please every customer, so even the best businesses need customer service experts!

A life-changing career is the reward (cash is just a bonus!)

We all want to chase the pound signs, but don’t worry if your earnings journey is different to other people’s.

Your dream apprenticeship might be on the lower end of the financial spectrum, but there is plenty of opportunity to secure a well-paid job in an industry with generally high salaries. 

It’s important to remember that everyone is on their own path – don’t compare your income to others, especially other apprentices. Ride your own wave and take on the right apprenticeship for you.