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Police Apprenticeships

The Ultimate Guide to Police Apprenticeships

Those looking at a career in the police force should be aware that it is a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding job which requires a high level of emotional intelligence. It is also an incredibly rewarding career, serving in communities …

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British Gas Apprenticeships

British Gas Apprenticeships (a guide for 2021)

A career with British Gas means working for a well known British brand, helping customers across the UK. Apprenticeships with British Gas are run through Centrica (British Gas’ parent company) who aim to employ over 1000 apprentices in the next …

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Graphic Design Apprenticeships

How to get a graphic design apprenticeship

Finding and apprenticeship that suits your passion and skills can be tricky. In some industries, you will be spoilt for choice. For example, plenty of major companies run digital marketing apprenticeships, which can be a great starting place for creatives. …

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Mercedes Benz Apprenticeships

Mercedes-Benz Apprenticeships (a guide for 2021)

Want to work for one of the most well known automakers in the world? Mercedes-Benz offers a number of different apprenticeships to help you break into the automotive industry. If you’ve a passion for engineering, customer service, or retail then …

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Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeship Levy Calculator (updated for 2021)

Understanding the Apprenticeship Levy. If you spend any time in the world of apprenticeships – be that as a student looking for jobs, an employee looking to upskill, or an employer looking to improve your training, you’ve no doubt come …

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Barber Apprenticeships

Barber apprenticeships: Everything you need to know (2021)

Fancy training to become a barber? Barber apprenticeships offer a way into the hair and beauty industry, working towards a recognised qualification while also getting paid. Apprentices get the chance to learn by working with and closely observing experienced professional …

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Highest Paying Apprenticeships

The highest paying apprenticeships in the UK

Well paid apprenticeships really do exist. We’ve all heard the old saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. Then again, we’re not sure that whoever came up with that bit of wisdom ever had to deal with zero-hour contracts, spiralling petrol …

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Music Apprenticeships

How to get a music apprenticeship

Are you passionate about music? Have you always wanted to get into the music industry but thought that university or being discovered on YouTube was the only way to get noticed? What if I told you there were other ways …

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Apprenticeship Wage

How much is an apprenticeship wage? (updated for 2021)

It’s the question everyone is too polite to ask, but it’s also a question too important not to answer!

One of the best things about being an apprentice is earning while you learn, so it makes sense that you’d want to know how much exactly can you expect to get paid as an apprentice in 2021?

Electrician Apprenticeships Banner

Finding the perfect electrician apprenticeship (for 2021)

An electrician may go by many names – electrical fitter, installation electrician, electrical technician, electrical engineer, or even the more colloquial “sparky” – but the job will always involve some form of fitting, servicing, or fixing of electrical equipment, wiring, …

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Cyber Security Apprenticeships Banner

How to land a Cyber Security Apprenticeship

Cyber security is the defence of computer systems, networks, devices & data from unauthorised access and exploitation. It affects everyone: businesses, governments, even you at home.  The world of cyber is a constant battle between the people working in cyber …

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