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10 Work Experience ideas for Year 10s

Every year, your school will help you organise a week-long work experience placement to help you get a taste of the real world of work. Rather than seeing it as a chore, remember that this placement is an exciting opportunity …

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How to find the best nursing apprenticeships

The world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale, once said, “Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses… we must be learning all of our lives.” It’s true, as there are a host of training opportunities in the world of nursing to …

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Journalism Apprenticeships

Landing a journalism Apprenticeship (Updated for 2023)

Do you want a career that’s fast-paced, creative and allows you to have unique life experiences? Look no further than journalism. Journalism is an amazing career path to go down that not only provides many different career routes and opportunities …

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Apprenticeships Vs Placements

Apprenticeships vs Placements: Which is better?

The terminology around apprenticeships can be confusing. What is an apprenticeship? How does it differ from an internship? What about a work placement? Don’t worry, the team at Best Apprenticeships is here to help. In this article, we will outline …

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Radio Apprenticeships

How to Land an Apprenticeship in Radio

Start your career on the airwaves So, you’re looking to get your start in the world of radio? Like many roles in media and journalism, radio can be a highly competitive industry. Demand for jobs in radio and competition among …

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How to find work experience in Year 12

Our top work experience tips for 16-18-year-olds Getting some work experience while in your final year of school can have a lot of benefits. It can give you an idea of the type of industry you might want to work …

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How to find work experience in Year 10

Our top work experience tips for 14 & 15-year-olds Many schools encourage year 10s to arrange their own work experience. If you’re stuck for ideas, then read on as we share our top tips for finding work experience for school. …

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T Levels Guide

T Levels – The ultimate guide

Choosing what to do after your GCSEs is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make (other than deciding how to spend your first study-free summer). The traditional options are A Levels, an apprenticeship or a vocational qualification like performing arts, …

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Paid Vs unpaid work experience

Paid vs unpaid work experience

Should I do unpaid work experience? Work experience can be paid or unpaid, depending on the length of time, the applicant’s age and the company in question.  Short-term work experience is generally unpaid, especially when you are school-age. In the …

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Virtual Work Experience

What is Virtual work experience?

Can you really get work experience online? Virtual work experience, also known as e-experience, remote work experience or online work experience enables students to complete a short course, a placement or an internship from home (or another convenient location).  The …

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