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Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Landing a Cyber Security Apprenticeship (in 2024)

Cyber security is the defence of computer systems, networks, devices & data from unauthorised access and exploitation. It affects everyone: businesses, governments, even you at home. The world of cyber is a constant battle between the people working in cyber …

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Aircraft Engineering Apprenticeships

Aircraft engineering apprenticeships

You know when people say, ‘It’s not rocket science’? What if you could prove them wrong and actually do rocket science? Apply your interest in the world of aviation to the engineering industry with an aircraft engineering apprenticeship. Let’s look …

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Radiography Apprenticeships

Radiography apprenticeships (Guide for 2024)

Ever wondered what the inside of your body looks like? Well, radiographers and radiologists know! Radiography is a medical technique that uses radiation to create images of the inside of a patient’s body, like their tissues, bones and organs. Getting …

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Landscaping & Gardening Apprenticeships

Gardening & Landscaping Apprenticeships (in 2024)

If you have green fingers, you could consider a career as a gardener or landscaper. What Does A Gardener/ Landscaper Do? The primary responsibility of landscapers and gardeners is the maintenance of plants, flowers, trees and lawns. This includes a …

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AI Apprenticeships Guide

AI Apprenticeships (A guide for 2024)

Although it is a relatively new phenomenon,  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to impact more of our daily lives. The UK is regarded as a global leader in AI, credited with cutting-edge research and innovation.   In 2022, the UK Government …

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Aviation Apprenticeships

Aviation apprenticeships – what’s on offer?

Are you looking for a fast-paced career that involves travel and centres around people? You might be suited for a career as a member of the cabin crew or another role in the aviation industry. The aviation industry contributes approximately …

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Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeship Levy Calculator (updated for 2024)

Understanding the Apprenticeship Levy. If you spend any time in the world of apprenticeships – be that as a student looking for jobs, an employee looking to upskill, or an employer looking to improve your training, you’ve no doubt come …

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T Levels Guide

T Levels – The ultimate guide

Choosing what to do after your GCSEs is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make (other than deciding how to spend your first study-free summer). The traditional options are A Levels, an apprenticeship or a vocational qualification like performing arts, …

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British Gas Apprenticeships

British Gas Apprenticeships (a guide for 2024)

A career with British Gas means working for a well known British brand, helping customers across the UK. Apprenticeships with British Gas are run through Centrica (British Gas’ parent company) who in 2021 set the goal to employ over 1000 …

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