Everything you need to know about Advanced Apprenticeships.

Advanced apprenticeships (also known as level 3) are equivalent to completing 2 A-levels.

You could choose to do an advanced apprenticeship after completing your GCSEs for a chance to start earning while you continue to gain qualifications.

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What is an advanced apprenticeship?

Often following on from an intermediate apprenticeship, advanced apprenticeships offer further training and qualifications, more money, and the chance to move on to both higher and degree apprenticeships in the future.

Advanced apprenticeships are at minimum 12 months long, with the average length of a full apprenticeship being 2-4 years. They can be highly competitive in a number of industries, as they offer a way to develop specific work-based skills and experience in a particular field.

Companies have the option to run their apprenticeships in-house or work in partnership with a training provider of college. Like all apprenticeships, advanced apprenticeships are a full-time commitment to employment and study, where you get paid a wage for the hours you spend both working and learning.

They are a very popular option. In 2022/23 there were 84,600 advanced apprenticeship starts, accounting for over 40% of total apprenticeships.

How do I get an advanced apprenticeship?

To be accepted onto an advanced apprenticeship would normally require that you have at least 5 GCSEs with grades A* to C (9 – 4). Ideally, these grades would include English and Maths.

Another path to an advanced apprenticeship is to already have a relevant level 2 qualification, or have just completed an intermediate (level 2) apprenticeship.

Of course, requirements from providers can vary, and you may be in a position to apply for an advanced apprenticeship even if you already have level 3 qualifications, such as A levels or a BTEC. This is because advanced apprenticeships can offer experience in new job areas, so some new skills will need to be acquired that aren’t covered by your current qualifications.

Because of this, advanced apprenticeships can get competitive in the number of people who apply for them, so it’s important to submit a great application in order to stand out from the crowd.

What qualifications can I achieve?

Advanced apprentices work towards qualifications such as an NVQ Level 3, or a BTEC. These qualifications usually include a combination of work-based learning, key skills, health & safety, and technical certificates.

When you have completed an advanced apprenticeship you will be qualified to take up a full-time position. Alternatively, you could move on to a higher apprenticeship for the chance to earn a higher diploma or university degree.

What do I get paid?

Advanced apprenticeships are full-time paid positions, so you will be compensated for the duration of your employment. All apprenticeships follow wage guidelines and are governed by an apprentice minimum wage.

All apprenticeships are different, but due to the often competitive nature of advanced apprenticeships, many companies will offer wages well above the minimum they are legally required. Moreover, many schemes allow apprentices to gain pay rises as they complete different sections of their apprenticeship – so check the terms of your apprenticeship carefully.

Why should I do an advanced apprenticeship?

There are plenty of reasons to pursue an advanced apprenticeship:

Great qualifications

The qualifications that can be gained from an advanced apprenticeship are not to be sniffed at. Equivalent to A-levels, they can open a lot of doors, both in your future career and education.

Learn from masters

Work hands-on with professionals in their field, and receive training from experts, both academically and technically. What better way to skill up quickly than learning from those who have already mastered their industry?

Earn and learn

Earn good money throughout your apprenticeship, with the chance to increase your salary as you progress.

No student debt

Continue your education with no loans, no fees and no student debt. Plus, have money to spend and relax in your time off work.

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