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No Ordinary Job

This is so much more than just a job, from global travel to lifelong friendships, life in the RAF offers you things that no other employer can hope to match.

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Life in the RAF

Joining the RAF will bring you a raft of opportunities and benefits. You’ll be paid as soon as you start initial training, and accommodation, food and sport will all be subsidised along with free health and dental care.

You can choose to play sport at multiple levels whether it’s casually on base with friends or representing the RAF on an international level. There’s choice too, whether you want to take on adventure training at weekends, travelling to areas of the world you never thought you’d see or you want to spend spare time visiting friends and family.

With opportunities nationwide, joining BAE Systems means working alongside the brightest minds and learning through valuable hands-on experience and formal training – developing a rewarding career, from day one.

Spotlight: Weapon Technician Apprenticeship

What is the role?

As a Weapon Technician, you will be in charge of maintaining and managing weapons and explosives, making sure they’re ready at a moments notice. These include aircraft bombs, smart weapons, missiles, ammunition and individual weapons.

What will you do?

  • Handle extremely dangerous equipment
  • Arm aircraft with bombs, guided weapons, missiles
  • Take responsibility for the servicing, maintenance and repair of ejection seats, aircraft gun systems and missile launchers
  • Maintain, care and issue the weapons used by your station
  • Building and fitting smart weapons and decoy flares to the aircraft

The RAF is one of the largest providers of diverse apprenticeships in the UK. We offer these apprenticeships for this role:

Level 3 Apprenticeship – Engineering Technician

Engineering Technicians take responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the work they undertake within the limits of their personal authority. They also need to be able to demonstrate a core set of behaviours in order to be competent in their job role, complement wider business strategy and development. This will enable them to support their long term career development.

Spotlight: Cyberspace Communication Apprenticeship

What is the role?

As a Cyberspace Communications Specialist you will be responsible for the technology at the heart of the RAF. It will be your job to set up, operate and maintain the technology the RAF relies on to communicate.

Within your role you’ll ensure that the RAF remains at the cutting edge of technological advances, essential for the RAF to be able to communicate effectively and move information around safely and securely.

What will you do?

You’ll be part of a highly trained, and technologically skilled, workforce responsible for a wide variety of tasks:

  • Safeguarding our UK-based IT networks from intrusions
  • Coordinating the RAF’s vast array of information
  • Establishing overseas networks and equipment for Deployed Commanders and Air Traffic Services

The RAF is one of the largest providers of diverse apprenticeships in the UK. We offer these apprenticeships for this role:

Information Communications Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship

The broad purpose of the ICT occupation is to deliver efficient operation and control of the IT and/or Telecommunications infrastructure.