Minimum wage for apprenticeships increases by 21% to £6.40

The minimum wage for apprenticeships has increased to £6.40, in line with changes to both the national minimum and living wage, which came into force from 1st April 2024.

The much welcome increase to the apprentice minimum wage (over 21%) is one of the most significant boosts in the past two decades, and will go some way to helping apprentices tackle the rising cost of living while completing their programmes.

Effective immediately, the base rate for apprentices under the age of 18 and those in the first year of their apprenticeship has increases from £5.28 to £6.40 per hour. Apprentices will be happy to hear that these pay increases also stagger across age brackets, up to the national living age which now sits at £11.44. For a full breakdown of the changes and how they will effect you, please review the table below.

Minimum Wage Increases for Apprenticeships as of April 2024:

Age GroupPrevious Minimum Wage (£/hour)New Minimum Wage (£/hour)
Under 18£5.28£6.40
Over 19 (but in the first year of apprenticeship)£5.28£6.40
18-20 Years£7.49£8.60
21-22 Years£10.18£11.44
23 and Over£10.42£11.44
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While the increase in wages undoubtedly provides immediate relief to young workers and those entering apprenticeship programs, it’s crucial to acknowledge the package of benefits that apprenticeships offer, including invaluable training and access to qualifications. Furthermore, many apprenticeships pay a competitive salary from day one, making them some of the best paying entry-level jobs in the UK.

Apprenticeships serve as a dynamic pathway for individuals to gain hands-on experience, practical skills, and industry-specific knowledge. for more information about apprenticeships, check out our ultimate guide or search apprenticeship roles.

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