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Apprenticeships at B&Q

Apprenticeships are a great way to build your knowledge, skills and behaviours whilst receiving a recognised qualification; you can even fit them around your day job. At B&Q, you’ll be supported every step of the way, and with plenty of options available, you’ll find one that suits you and your role. 

  1. Registration and Induction
    Your first step is an Induction Appointment where you will be introduced to your dedicated mentor. This is your introduction to us and allows you to set plans for the next step.
  2. Learning Coach Visits
    After your induction, you’ll have regular sessions with your Learning Coach. This includes constant support and Independent and Facilitated Learning, setting you up for success.
  3. Skills Endorsements
    This is a key communication and support tool between manager and apprentice, completed alongside every module to check understanding and identify strengths/areas for improvement.
  4. Gateway
    Once you’ve completed your learning, you’ll discuss if you’re ready to accept and take your End Point Assessment. This stage is referred to as Gateway.
  5. End Point Assessment
    The end of the programme features a final assessment involving 3 methods (varying with each qualification). Here, you’ll use the knowledge developed over the course.
  6. Graduation
    Once you’ve successfully passed your Apprenticeship, you’ll be invited to attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of you and our other apprentices. Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do B&Q offer apprenticeship opportunities?

B&Q offers apprenticeships across various locations within the UK. The programs are designed to cater to a wide range of functions within the organization, including retail and trade supply, among others.

How to get an apprenticeship at B&Q?

To pursue an apprenticeship at B&Q, interested candidates should visit the B&Q careers website to find available opportunities, understand specific requirements for each role, and apply directly online. B&Q encourages applying early and utilizing their resources for assistance throughout the application process.

When do B&Q apprenticeship applications open?

Specific details about the opening of apprenticeship applications are not provided. It’s recommended to regularly check B&Q’s careers page or contact them directly for the most current information.

Does B&Q offer apprenticeships?

Yes, B&Q offers apprenticeships in various areas such as retail, management, coaching, and trade supplier programmes. These programmes are aimed at developing home-grown talent and have been effective in reducing turnover and promoting internal talent.

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