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Apprenticeships at British Army

When you join the Army, you’ll not only learn how to be one a world-class soldier or officer, but you’ll continue to develop skills and earn qualifications while you work.

You’ll do the apprenticeship most relevant to your job role, as part of your initial trade training. The courses are designed with other employers, ensuring the training is to industry standards and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

Your apprenticeship will be on one of the following areas:

  • Public services and health
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Animal care
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Business administration

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do British Army apprenticeships pay?

The pay for apprenticeships within the British Army is competitive and varies according to the role, level of the apprenticeship, and the individual’s progress and performance. In addition to a starting salary, apprentices may receive additional benefits, including accommodation, medical support, and pension contributions, reflecting the Army’s commitment to supporting its personnel.

What are the entry requirements for an apprenticeship at British Army?

Entry requirements for an apprenticeship in the British Army can differ based on the specific apprenticeship role and level. Generally, candidates need to meet certain educational qualifications, such as GCSEs in English and Maths, pass an Army Recruit Battery Test (BARB), and fulfill physical and medical standards. Detailed requirements are listed on the British Army’s careers website or can be provided by their recruitment team.

Does British Army offer work experience?

Yes, The British Army offer Work Experience for 14-18 year olds who are interested in finding out more about a potential career in the British Army.Students keen to explore careers in the Army can book onto a four-day residential work experience which aims to develops teamwork, leadership, confidence and resilience.This is a great way for students to get a taste of Army life and fully appreciate the wealth of career opportunities.

Does British Army offer apprenticeships?

The British Army does offer apprenticeships, providing a range of opportunities across various roles that reflect the diversity of functions within the Army. These apprenticeships cover a wide array of skills and professions, including engineering, healthcare, logistics, and IT, among others, catering to the vocational training and career development of individuals within the military context.

Where do British Army offer apprenticeship opportunities?

Apprenticeship opportunities in the British Army are offered in locations throughout the United Kingdom and potentially overseas, depending on the nature of the role and the operational requirements. This means apprentices could be stationed at various bases and facilities across the UK and, in some cases, might have the opportunity to serve abroad as part of their training and career development.

How to get an apprenticeship at British Army?

To get an apprenticeship in the British Army, candidates typically need to go through the Army’s recruitment process, which includes submitting an application, attending an interview, and passing a series of tests that may include fitness assessments, medical examinations, and aptitude tests. Interested individuals should start by visiting the British Army’s official careers website to find available apprenticeships, understand the requirements, and begin their application process.

When do British Army apprenticeship applications open?

The opening dates for apprenticeship applications in the British Army can vary depending on the specific role and the needs of the Army at any given time. Typically, there are ongoing recruitment efforts, but it’s crucial for potential applicants to check the British Army’s official website or contact their recruitment offices for the most current information regarding application timelines.

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