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Apprenticeships at Howdens

At Howdens we’re proud of our apprenticeship programme; it is the ideal way to develop and prepare people for a productive and stable career. It helps us to find new staff who understand and can help us maintain our special way of working, whilst contributing to the growth of our business.

From the first day’s training and during integration into the workplace, we want our apprentices to find a warm welcome from colleagues who have genuine passion about the department they work in. That’s the best way to make apprentices feel valued, secure and in a position to make long-term commitment to Howdens.

We work in partnership with carefully selected Apprenticeship Training Providers which enables us to provide the highest possible standard of training. An apprenticeship is an excellent foundation for a career with Howdens, and many of our apprentices have gone on to achieve success in specialist roles.

With apprenticeships available across much of our business including our Depots, Logistics, Manufacturing, Engineering, and IT, there is a role for everyone across our teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Howdens offer work experience?

Work experience placements are offered at the discretion of local managers, depending on local operational circumstances.

How to get work experience at Howdens?

Pop into your local store or email Howden’s recruitment team to understand whether or not any opportunities are available. You must be at least 16 years-old due to the health and safety reasons to work in warehouses.

Does Howdens offer apprenticeships?

Howdens is indeed proud of its apprenticeship program, designed as an ideal way to develop and prepare individuals for a productive and stable career. This program aims to find new staff who understand and can help maintain Howdens’ unique way of working while contributing to the growth of the business. Apprentices at Howdens receive training from day one and are integrated into the workplace with support from passionate colleagues.

Where do Howdens offer apprenticeship opportunities?

Howdens offers two main types of apprenticeships: Trade Apprenticeships and Head Office Apprenticeships. Trade Apprenticeships are suitable for those interested in a career in joinery or kitchen fitting, with opportunities available across Howdens branches in the UK. Apprentices in these roles work alongside experienced tradespeople to learn the skills required for their chosen career. Head Office Apprenticeships cater to individuals interested in IT, Finance, HR, and Marketing careers, and are based at Howdens’ Head Office in Yorkshire.

How to get an apprenticeship at Howdens?

Candidates can apply online via the Howdens careers website, where details of available apprenticeships and entry requirements for each role are provided. Applicants are required to submit a CV and a cover letter explaining their interest in the role and the skills they can bring to the position. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to attend an interview.

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