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Creative Apprenticeships

5 Creative apprenticeships to watch (in 2023)

You’ve likely heard the whole ‘left-brained vs right-brained’ conversation before – if you’re left-brained you’re more logical, whereas being right-brained means you’re more creative. Although psychological research has since shown that this isn’t strictly true, the concept still stands – …

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Mechanic Apprenticeships

How to find a Mechanic apprenticeship

Would you rather work with a wrench or a pen? A spanner or a calculator? If sitting in an office on a computer all day sounds like your idea of a nightmare, you might prefer a more hands-on job, like …

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Civil Engineering Apprenticeship

Civil engineering apprenticeships (A Guide for 2023)

Ever wondered who builds the railways and roads, bridges and barrages, stadiums and sewers? Civil engineers step up to create the world around us and make sure all structures are safe, secure and reliable.  If you’re a methodical and creative …

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Accounting Apprenticeships: All you need to know

Money doesn’t make the world go round – accountants do. After all, they’re the ones crunching the numbers and sailing the financial ship. Dealing with money is a high-pressure, high-stakes business, but the payoff can be extremely rewarding mentally and …

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Apprenticeships vs University

Apprenticeships VS University: Which is better?

It’s the biggest question you’ll ask yourself. No, not ‘What’s the meaning of life?’  And not ‘What should I have for dinner tonight?’ We’re talking about this one: ‘Should I do an apprenticeship or go to uni?’ There are lots …

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HGV Apprenticeships

Deep Dive: HGV and LGV Apprenticeships

Cruising along open roads with the radio blasting… enjoying national and international sightseeing… being responsible for crucial food, items and cargo… becoming an HGV or LGV driver sounds pretty cool. Plus, most of us couldn’t function without the people who …

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Vet Apprenticeships

Veterinary Apprenticeships: The Ultimate Guide

From cats to crocodiles, lemurs to llamas and dogs to dodos (okay, maybe not dodos…), all animals need to be cared for when they are ill or injured. Vets and veterinary nurses are the people who provide medical attention for …

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Software Engineering Apprenticeships

How to land a Software apprenticeship (2023)

According to LinkedIn, ‘software developer’ is the 8th most in-demand job in the world. Among apprentices, it is one of the most sought after roles on the market. Landing a coding apprenticeship in the UK can be challenging because of …

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Cyber Security Apprenticeships Banner

Landing a Cyber Security Apprenticeship (in 2023)

Cyber security is the defence of computer systems, networks, devices & data from unauthorised access and exploitation. It affects everyone: businesses, governments, even you at home.  The world of cyber is a constant battle between the people working in cyber …

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