How to advertise your Apprenticeships on a budget

The best places to get your apprentice roles seen.

So, you’ve finalised your job description, got your training provider in place, and now it’s time to recruit some talent to fill your apprenticeships. 

The problem is, finding the right person for the role can be a little tricky.

Once you’ve uploaded the job role to your company website and shared it out on social media, you might start thinking about your wider options.

Where can I share my apprenticeship vacancy to maximise the amount of quality applicants I receive?

Do I need to pay to promote my job role or can I advertise my job vacancy for free?

Can I do this on a budget?

To answer these questions and more, we’ve dived head first into the world of job boards, to give you the lowdown on the best places to share your apprentice roles.

Step one is to cover the basics.

Once your job position is live on your company website and social media feeds, the next step is to ensure that your listing is appearing on the apprenticeship website.

The find an apprenticeship service is a free database hosted by the government. It is a huge list of apprenticeship opportunities and receives thousands of queries each day.

The service allows apprentice seekers to search within 40 miles of a certain postcode, so ensuring that your listing is high quality can help attract more local applications.

Although there is no “promotion” tools per say, you would do well to make sure your listing contains as much relevant data as possible. It should also, at a minimum, provide a link back to your company website.

Third party job boards (and their costs)

Now that we’ve done all of the official channels, let’s take a look at some of the most popular third party options available, to increase your vacancy’s reach. (Free basic posts. Paid promotions £75+ per job)

Indeed is one of the worlds largest job search engines.

You can post basic job posts for free on Indeed, and use their built in applicant tracking system to keep an eye on your posts and applications.

While basic posts will appear in the general search results, to have your posts stand out you will need some paid promotion. 

Indeed’s popularity means lots of visitors to the site, but it’s wide reach of categories and job types does mean that it can be difficult to vy for attention amongst the hundreds of thousands of active jobs.

TL;DR: Indeed is a popular site with lots of visitors, but you may struggle to fill niche roles without stumping up for paid promotions.

Glassdoor (£50-£250 per job posting)

If you work in HR, chances are you are already familiar with Glassdoor.

Used by job seekers and employees alike, Glassdoor are famous for their user-generated aggregated company scores and reviews, as well as being a place to share interview tips and questions.

They also advertise jobs.

Glassdoor can help you promote your apprenticeship positions, with paid promotions starting at £50.

Glassdoor can be a good place to advertise vacancies, particularly if you are already part of their partner programme, or have a particularly good aggregate score. 

If you make an effort to keep your Glassdoor profile in good nick, this might be a good option for you.

TL;DR: Great for existing Glassdoor partners, or companies with great review scores.

Total Jobs (£99+ per job posting)

Total Jobs is a staple of the UK job search market. 

While not being the largest provider, they drive a good number of applicants yearly, and their lean towards more traditional advertising might help you connect with a different type of candidate.

Total jobs offers a handy salary checker that helps candidates compare the relative benefits of jobs on offer. 

If your role is particularly well paid within your industry, or at the least meets local standards, Job Site could help your role stand out from the crowd.

TL;DR: A good place to share roles if you offer great salaries.

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The round up

Getting the right apprentice applicants can be difficult, but it is always worth the effort to find the right person – someone who will be with your company for a long time and add value each year.

For more information on advertising your apprenticeships, visit our employer portal.