How to find work experience in Year 10

Our top work experience tips for 14 & 15-year-olds

Many schools encourage year 10s to arrange their own work experience. If you’re stuck for ideas, then read on as we share our top tips for finding work experience for school.

  1. your school may have a list of local businesses that can accommodate students. Asking isn’t ‘cheating’, it is showing initiative. 
  1. Also, ask around at local businesses, particularly those you admire or go to often. 
  1. Attend any open days and collect cards from businesses that interest you. 
  1. You can also check online at your town or city council website or visit your local library for more information on local companies.
  1. Getting in early and making a personal introduction will help you to stand out from the competition. 
  1. You can also enter work competitions such as design or writing competitions to gain experience and get your name out there. 

Types of work experience for 14 & 15-year-olds

While school work experience usually takes place in years 10, 11, or 12, there are ways for any teenager to acquire work experience. 

Work experience really just means experience of working, so jobs such as babysitting and dog walking absolutely count. Paper rounds and washing cars are also good examples of jobs available to teenagers.

Then there are the creative fields. Nothing apart from your level of technical skill is stopping you from creating a blog, Vlog, website or YouTube channel.  

You can create an online business, or promote services, such as those mentioned above. 

If you are more sports-minded, find out if any local teams need a coach. You can also offer to volunteer for charities and community groups.