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Halifax is part of Lloyds Banking Group, the UK’s leading financial services company that serves around 27 million customers. When you join Halifax, you’ll be part of something unique. We give extra to everyone and commit to making customers better off through great value products. Our people are friendly and down-to-earth because our customers want a breath of fresh air in banking.

Values at Lloyds Banking Group

Halifax is part of Lloyds banking group. Every role in our team is built on passion for putting customers first. To help Britain prosper, everyone in the Group is working to build a stronger, more responsible business. We stand out by meeting the needs of families, businesses and communities across the UK. Through our brands — Lloyds Bank, The Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows and many more — our people help customers in ways that really matter.

Our top tips for landing a work experience placement

Getting work experience with a well known company can be quite competitive. Here’s four top tips that will help give you an edge during your application.

  • Tailor your communication. If you are applying for more than one work experience position, ensure that each of your applications is unique. Bonus points if you also shuffle your CV and experience to best suit the role.
  • Make the most of limited experience. Nobody has lots of skills or experience at the beginning of their career, so make the most of what you have done, and look for innovative ways to show learnings from any outside-of-school activities or work.
  • Be proactive and reach out to companies directly. If you are unsure about a specific requirement, then ask a question.
  • You could look to do some volunteer work, or a virtual work experience, to help boost your skills and make your application look even stronger.

Currently, Halifax do not run a corporate work experience scheme. However, work experience can be sought on a branch-by-branch basis.

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