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How do you get a job without experience, but how do you get experience without a job?

Whether that be it in a studio, newsroom or one of our support functions. Work placements at the BBC are that missing link.

The BBC provides over 1000 Work Experience opportunities every year, right across the organisation: from Radio or TV to Business and Technology.

They are your chance to use cutting edge equipment, make contacts – even see how well your ideas are received. Just remember to be professional and ask lots of questions. Most of all treat it like a job – and be proactive.

Choosing the right placement

We have several features on this site that we hope will be really useful to you in choosing which area of the BBC you’d like to work in.

The What We Do section is a great place to find out about the kinds of work we do here. It’ll help you figure out where you could fit in.

There are interviews with dozens of people at the BBC on our YouTube channel. Take a look around and get some inspiration form the people already working here

The Careers Hub is our online recruitment system which allows you to apply for placement, find out more about the BBC and interact with Recruiters, managers and existing employees. The great thing about the Careers Hub is that it allows you to create your careers profile where you can:

  • Use your careers profile to promote your interests
  • Apply for Work Experience placements effortlessly from your career profile page
  • Update, search and apply from your smartphone
  • Access to a wide range of videos, podcasts and tools to help you prepare for and get the placement you want
  • Connect with existing Work Experience, Trainees and BBC employees

Our top tips for landing a work experience placement

Getting work experience with a well known company can be quite competitive. Here’s four top tips that will help give you an edge during your application.

  • Tailor your communication. If you are applying for more than one work experience position, ensure that each of your applications is unique. Bonus points if you also shuffle your CV and experience to best suit the role.
  • Make the most of limited experience. Nobody has lots of skills or experience at the beginning of their career, so make the most of what you have done, and look for innovative ways to show learnings from any outside-of-school activities or work.
  • Be proactive and reach out to companies directly. If you are unsure about a specific requirement, then ask a question.
  • You could look to do some volunteer work, or a virtual work experience, to help boost your skills and make your application look even stronger.

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