Apprenticeships in Nottingham

With major employers including Boots UK, Capital One, Vision Express and Pendragon PLC either headquartered or possessing large holdings in the area, Nottingham offers many career opportunities. One of the UK’s most historic cities, Nottingham is also one of its most creative and thriving. A sight-seeing destination and diverse business hub with two excellent universities, Nottingham is a leader in knowledge-driven industries such as financial and business services, life sciences, logistics, and advanced manufacturing.

Careers in Nottingham

Nottingham is home to a wide range of sectors and industries, from creative and digital, food and drink and logistics to advanced manufacturing, life sciences and financial and business services.

Nottingham apprenticeships are funded equally by the Government and your employer. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you don’t need to worry about paying off student loans when you graduate. UK apprentices are also guaranteed to be paid a fair wage.

During your apprenticeship, you will earn a degree or similar qualification. You’ll receive expert hands-on training from mentors in the business, and be given opportunities to increase your network of contacts.

Once you have earned your degree, there are a couple of things that could happen. You may move up in the company thanks to your new qualification. There may not be a permanent position available for you at the company or you may decide to leave the company to pursue other opportunities. Whichever it is, you can be confident that you have learned everything you need to know to succeed in your chosen profession.

If you have trained in one field and are considering a change of career, you might want to learn more about adult apprenticeships

Let’s take a closer look at Nottingham apprenticeships vacancies and career opportunities in this historic city.

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Top employers in Nottingham

Nottingham excels in knowledge-based industries and offers many opportunities in sectors including financial and business services, logistics, creative and digital, advanced manufacturing, food and drink, and life sciences. Nottingham’s best apprenticeship employers include: 

BBC Careers
Software Engineering Apprenticeships

Living and working in Nottingham

Located in the East Midlands, 33 miles southwest of Sheffield, Nottingham has a population of approximately 337,100.

With a history dating back to 600 AD, Nottingham is an attractive city that blends tradition with dynamic contemporary culture.

The birthplace of the legend of Robin Hood,  Nottingham also boasts the recently restored Nottingham Castle and the 800-year-old Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, thought to be England’s oldest inn.

Once home to a world-leading lace industry, Nottingham is proud of its roots and has museums dedicated to its industrial heritage.

Built on a network of subterranean caves you can explore, the city is mostly pedestrianised and offers shops, restaurants, bars and eateries, plus the free modern art gallery Nottingham Contemporary.

Bus and tram services help you get around the city, while regular trains can take you to London, Liverpool or Birmingham in a couple of hours. Beauty spots such as Belton House in Grantham and the stepping stones across the River Dove and Dovedale are less than an hour’s drive away. Derby, Loughborough, and Chesterfield are also within easy reach. The closest airport to Nottingham is East Midlands (EMA), approximately 3.8 miles away.

Prominent sectors in Nottingham include financial and business services, life sciences, logistics, food and drink, creative and digital, and advanced manufacturing.

Degree apprenticeships in Nottingham

Every UK company that wishes to run an apprenticeship programme must partner with a reputable university in the area. 

The Universities of Nottingham is a pioneering programme that brings together both Nottingham universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

Together, the institutions offer a wide variety of degree apprenticeships, from veterinary studies and laboratory science to electro-mechanical engineering and architecture. 

Eligible candidates can apply for Nottingham apprenticeships vacancies through the university or the partnership employer.

Industry spotlight

Science & Pharmacy Apprenticeships

There are many options within science and pharmacy apprenticeships in Nottingham. Depending on the route you wish to take, you could apply for a position as a cosmetic scientist apprentice or a biotechnologist. With Boots UK Limited the largest employer in Nottingham, you could also look at pharmacy apprenticeships, lab technician positions or research and development science apprenticeships. You may find you end up working in a factory, hospital or office rather than a lab, and there are many opportunities in this field within the city and beyond.

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Business & Management Apprenticeships

As the name suggests, business management apprenticeships are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help optimise the running of businesses. Within this umbrella term, you will find programmes such as Business Analyst Apprenticeship, Business Development Apprenticeship, Business Administration and Business Management Apprenticeships. Depending on the route you take, you could go on to work as a consultant or business manager in the sector of your choice.

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Finance Apprenticeships

If you’re all about the numbers, a finance apprenticeship could open up many avenues of opportunity for you. Almost every large company in the world includes a significant finance department. Accounting and auditing are present in every sector, while financial services and insurance is a prominent industry in its own right. In addition to account and actuarial apprenticeships, you will also find financial advisor apprenticeships, banking, and stockbroker apprenticeships.

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Kickstart your career

Why choose an apprenticeship?

A Guaranteed Fair Wage 

Every UK apprenticeship is backed by the apprentice minimum wage scheme. This means all Nottingham apprentices will earn at least the minimum wage, regardless of role or industry. You have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be fairly compensated for your work. You may even find your employer will offer higher-than-average pay to secure the best apprentice – hopefully, you!

Gain Free Degree 

Not only will you be earning a liveable wage, but also gaining a degree without incurring any costs. All UK degree apprenticeships are paid for jointly by the UK Government and your employer. This arrangement leaves you free to combine your degree studies with practical work without worrying about course costs or student loans. It should see you graduate debt-free and in an excellent position to move forward in your chosen career.

Find a Mentor

An apprentice will often shadow and learn from superiors within the company. You will be mentored at work and in your studies and given regular progress evaluations. This combined learning approach is designed to mould apprentices into the best possible candidates for full-time positions either at the company or in the industry at large.

Level Up

UK apprenticeships fall into four levels – Intermediate, Advanced, Higher, and Degree. Each represents a different classification of learning and will have specific entry requirements. Companies may have different criteria even at the same level and industry, so make sure you read all the available information carefully. Every level represents another step towards greater job prospects.

More Apprenticeships Developed Each Year

Various incentives to businesses, including the apprentice levy, a government push, and a collective effort to close the ever-growing skills gap in the UK, have led to a significant increase in apprenticeship programmes. Not only are more apprenticeships being developed, but they also cover more diverse roles and industries.

Find the Apprenticeship You Seek

Nottingham apprenticeships cover industries including advanced manufacturing, financial and business services, logistics, life sciences, creative and digital, and food and drink, to name but a few.

If you know what you want to do, you can search for Nottingham apprenticeships vacancies and go from there. If you are not sure, or you would like to learn more about the apprenticeships available in a particular sector, please check out our best industry apprenticeships page.

We are here to help. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.