Apprenticeship Levels

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Apprenticeship Levels Guide

Quick Links: What apprenticeship level is right for you? Working out which apprenticeships to apply for can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Apprenticeship criteria can vary quite a bit, both in the experience and level of education required to …

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Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4+)

Quick Links: What is a higher apprenticeship? Following on from advanced apprenticeships (level 3), higher apprenticeships offer the chance to earn a variety of different qualifications in a number of industries. As a category, higher apprenticeships contain all apprenticeship schemes from level …

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Advanced Apprenticeships

Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3)

Quick Links: What is an advanced apprenticeship? Often following on from an intermediate apprenticeship, advanced apprenticeships offer further training and qualifications, more money, and the chance to move on to both higher and degree apprenticeships in the future. Advanced apprenticeships are at minimum 12 months …

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Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2)

Quick Links: What is an intermediate apprenticeship? An intermediate apprenticeship is the lowest level of apprenticeship qualification available to people in the UK. As an ‘entry-level’ apprenticeship, they serve as a great first step into a career, industry, or company. …

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