UK Job Market Analysis: The best and worst places to work in 2024

In an unstable economy and strained job market, it’s important for professionals to truly understand what opportunities are available to them in the UK.

Whether you’re a degree apprentice or a team leader, understanding the current landscape is essential to getting the most out of your work life, in terms of both enjoyment and compensation.

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What’s in this report?

Considering aspects of working life like remote vs hybrid, or salaries by location, will help you clearly see the opportunities in front of you. In this report, we’ve done the hard work for you and delved into the wealth of data provided by to reveal:

  • The top-paying locations and professions across the United Kingdom in 2024.
  • The lowest-paying locations across the country.
  • The only 9 locations in the UK that have active job listings with £50k+ salaries.
  • The top UK locations embracing remote working in 2024.

Our Methodology

We analysed publicly available data, sourced from, to discover the locations across the UK with the most job listings and with salaries exceeding £30,000 and £50,000.

This enabled us to discover the best-paid and worst-paid locations, along with a database of the only locations in the country with openly advertised jobs that have salaries over £50,000. Alongside this, we looked at the locations with the most remote job listings to find the remote working capitals of the UK. This data looked only at jobs where salary information has been provided by employers and is correct as of March 2024.

The Best-Paid Locations in the UK

RankLocationJob Listings With £30k+ Salaries

Whilst it’s no surprise that London takes the top spot, with the need for high salaries to keep up with the capital’s expensive living costs, interestingly Hampshire takes second place. With over 4.8k job listings with salaries over £30,000 (77% less than London) it’s clear that cities like Southampton and Portsmouth are driving lots of economic growth, with high-paid jobs particularly in defence and technology sectors. 

Taking third place, and the top spot for the north of England, Manchester boasts 4,774 job listings offering competitive salaries. Manchester’s vibrant economy is fueled by creative and digital industries, attracting talent to the city from across the UK. 

Nestled in the southeast of England, Kent has just under 4,000 job listings with salaries exceeding £30,000. Despite being known for being a pricey place to live, especially in the likes of Canterbury and Dover, the salaries make it an appealing destination for ambitious professionals. With its proximity to London and excellent transport links, Kent offers a great location for commuters, but also boasts a thriving job market itself.

The Worst-Paid Locations in the UK

RankLocationJob Listings With £30k+ Salaries
10Isle of Wight157

Taking first place in the list of worst-paid locations, Rutland only has 48 job listings with salaries over £30,000. With a population of over 736,000 people, budding professionals in Rutland might need to explore other areas in their vicinity for higher paid positions, as these roles are set to be extremely competitive. 

Despite being a part of Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire itself is one of the worst locations for high-paying roles. However, residents of the area need not worry, as the location is considered to be a commuter town, with many professionals living there for an easy commute to London, where most of the country’s £30k+ jobs reside. 

Famously bordering Scotland, Cumberland lands the third spot in the ranking of worst-paid UK locations. With only 81 job listings holding over £30,000 salaries, in comparison to their population of over a quarter of a million, high-paid jobs in this area are far and few between. 

The Only 9 Locations In The UK With £50k+ Opportunities

RankLocationJob Listings With £50k+ Salaries

Unsurprisingly, London emerges as the epicentre of high-paying job listings, boasting an impressive 8,827 opportunities with salaries surpassing the £50,000 mark. The capital city is often referred to as “the beating heart of the UK’s economy” attracting talent from across the globe, despite the extreme cost of living concerns and issues in the current rental and home-buying market. With London being the most expensive city in the UK to live, and one of the most expensive in Europe, it’s expected that there are many high-paying roles available. 

Those further south of London, in Sussex and Middlesex, are also offering top-tier salaries, however the numbers dip in comparison to London’s figures. With Sussex offering 86 £50k+ roles, and Middlesex offering only 53, it’s clear that financial prospects don’t compare to that of the capital city. 

In the north, the counties of Cleveland and Humberside showcase resilience in the face of economic challenges. Despite their modest populations, they each boast 35 active job listings with salaries surpassing £50,000, demonstrating a commitment to fostering high-paying employment opportunities within their communities.

The Remote Working Capitals of 2024

RankLocationJob Listings With £30k+ Salaries (remote)

Once again, due to the sheer population and amount of businesses headquartered in the capital, it’s to be expected that London comes out on top as the remote working capital of the UK. This provides a great opportunity for professionals across the country to tap into London’s vibrant job market without the need for geographical relocation. 

Similarly, the city of Manchester is often referred to as ‘the London of the north’ and is amassed with brilliant businesses and job opportunities, particularly in more creative sectors. With 279 remote job listings from businesses headquartered in the city, Manchester offers a compelling alternative to traditional office-based roles. 

In third place, located in the heart of the Thames Valley, Berkshire serves as a great option for professionals seeking a balance between career and lifestyle. With 144 remote job listings from businesses headquartered in the county, Berkshire offers a great location for professionals across sectors such as technology, finance, and pharmaceuticals.

The Top 3 Highest-Paid UK Industries

2Construction, Repair & Maintenance Services
3Government & Public Administration
3Information Technology

As the demand for healthcare professionals continues to surge, there are plenty of high-paid opportunities within this field. From doctors and nurses to allied health professionals and administrators, the healthcare sector takes the top spot for having the most high-paid roles available in the UK.

Those in the construction and maintenance industry take the second spot as the highest-paid workers. Needing a very specific skill set, these professionals play a vital role in society, from architects to construction managers and tradespeople.

Lastly, the education, government & public administration, and information technology sectors came in joint third place in the list of best-paid industries. From shaping the futures of children to driving digital innovation, workers in these sectors are instrumental when it comes to societal progression and the growth of our economy.

In conclusion

Understanding and navigating the complexities of the UK job market, especially for those just entering the workforce, is tough.

All we can do is help to arm the younger generation,  who might be selecting their A-Levels, college courses, or apprenticeship programs, with the knowledge and insights into the current landscape so they can make informed decisions. This report can help to serve as a guide to their career success.