Can you do an apprenticeship at 16?

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Can you do an apprenticeship at 16?

Yes, you can do an apprenticeship at 16. Sixteen is the minimum age required, and apprenticeships were originally developed to offer a working alternative to higher education. They are for school leavers who wish to join the world of work while continuing their studies. 

The first apprenticeships tended to be trade-based and didn’t necessarily require A-Levels or degree qualifications. Today, you can complete an apprenticeship in just about any subject or job role, from health care and education to aerospace and life sciences. 

To apply for a UK apprenticeship, you must be 16 or over and living in the UK. You also cannot already be in full-time education. Other entry requirements will vary depending on the job role and the company running the apprenticeship. You will earn a basic wage and your studies will be joint-funded by your employer and the UK Government. You will learn on the job and work towards qualifications, usually the equivalent of two A-Levels, as part of an Intermediate (Level 2) apprenticeship.

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