Can you do an apprenticeship if you have a degree?

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Can you do an apprenticeship if you have a degree?

Yes, you can do an apprenticeship if you have a degree. Apprenticeships are open to anyone over 16 who meets the entry requirements and are a great way to learn new skills while earning a wage. Because there are different levels of apprenticeships, your degree is likely to qualify you for a higher level of apprenticeship in your chosen field.

Following up your degree with a postgraduate apprenticeship might be the most cost-effective way to study for a Master’s because your apprenticeship is jointly funded by the Government and your employer.

The other option is to do a degree apprenticeship in a field unrelated to your degree and work towards various different types of qualification in a second, unrelated subject.

Apprentices may traditionally have been young students, but you can start an apprenticeship at any age and stage of your career. Whether you want to upskill, are just starting or want to change specialties, an apprenticeship can help you to accomplish your goals.

There are a few points to consider, however. Firstly apprenticeships are always competitive, and if you are starting in a new field, you may not have the same work experience as those applying straight from college. Changing your focus can be seen as not having any direction by some employers, so try not to have too many changes of heart or remain in a similar field. There is also a danger of becoming overqualified and undesirable for early careers/ entry level positions.

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