Do you get paid for an apprenticeship?

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Do you get paid for an apprenticeship?

Of course! For starters, apprenticeships have a minimum wage that is set by the government. Above that, the pay can range quite considerably depending on the company, industry, and experience level. For some of the more competitive apprenticeships, it is not uncommon for the salary to even outstrip the entry level of a university graduate.

Your apprenticeship studies are also funded by your employer and the UK Government. How much you earn will depend on your age and the stage of your apprenticeship you are at. The minimum wage for each age and stage of your apprenticeship is as follows: 

  • 16-18-year-olds – £5.28 an hour
  • 19+ but in your first year of the apprenticeship – £5.28 an hour
  • 18-20 and completed your first year – £7.49 an hour
  • 21-22-year-olds – £10.18 an hour
  • Over 23 – £10.42 an hour

Note that these are just the minimum amounts. There is nothing to stop employers from paying apprentices far more, and many do, either in recognition of your work or simply to attract and retain the best apprentices. 

If you are earning enough, you will also have to pay taxes like any employee earning a decent wage. As your studies are fully funded, your basic living costs should still be covered. 

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