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Do you need a personal statement for an apprenticeship? 

You don’t always need a personal statement to apply for an apprenticeship, but you may have to write a cover letter with your application. Think of it as applying for a job rather than a place at university and sell your suitability for the role.

Your cover letter should be a job-focused personal statement detailing your best qualities and attributes. It should tell your prospective employer who you are, why you are interested in the apprenticeship and, perhaps most importantly, the benefits you will bring to the company.

Not all apprenticeships will require a lengthy personal statement, but you should include at least a few short paragraphs about yourself alongside your CV and a portfolio of any related work. You may also have to complete a test or task related to the role. Apprenticeships are competitive, so you want to do everything you can to stand out in the best way. Your personal statement is your prospective employer’s first impression of you, so you need to make it good. If you’re struggling, you can find apprenticeship personal statement templates online and tips in our guide to writing an apprenticeship personal statement.