How long is an apprenticeship?

How long is an apprenticeship?

How many years will my apprenticeship take?

Apprenticeships can last anywhere between one to five years. The length of an apprenticeship can vary depending on your industry, company, qualifications undertaken, and entry level.

The difference in length will primarily be decided by the qualification level of your apprenticeship. The more levels required to ‘graduate’ the longer it could take to complete. For example, if you start your apprentice career on a level 2, and continue studying all the way to degree level, this could take several year.

On average, approximately 50% of an apprenticeship is spent learning on the job and 50% is spent in classes/training.

What are my apprenticeship working hours?

The hours you work as an apprentice will depend on your specific scheme/course, but it is not unusual for most apprentices to work a full 9-5 day. Apprentices will split their time between their place of work and a college or university, so hours will also vary depending on whether you are on a work or study day.

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