How much do apprenticeships pay?

How much do apprenticeships pay?

Apprenticeships pay at least the national minimum wage for your age group, so £5.28 if you are 16-18 or 19-21 but in your first year of an apprenticeship. If you are 18-20 and have completed the first year of your apprenticeship, the least you can be paid is £7.49 an hour.

21-22-year-olds earn a minimum of £10.18 an hour, and over 23s will be paid at least £10.42 an hour. You will most likely be paid monthly or weekly with all the company’s employees. You are entitled to at least 20 paid holidays, plus bank holidays and sick pay, the same as your non-apprentice colleagues.

You are paid for your normal working hours and your time studying towards your apprenticeship qualification.

These amounts may sound low but your qualifications are funded by your employer and the UK Government, so your expenses should be just basic living expenses.

Of course, these are just the minimum amounts your employer must pay you, depending on your age group and the stage of the apprenticeship you are at. There is no maximum wage for an apprentice, and many employers will pay significantly more than the national minimum wage.

Other factors that can affect how much you get paid include your position at the company. If you are doing a higher apprenticeship to upskill within the same company, your employer may pay you the amount you were previously earning, while you complete your studies.

The qualification and hands-on experience gained through your apprenticeship will also likely increase your pay significantly once you are fully qualified.

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