How to apply for apprenticeships

How to apply for apprenticeships

To apply for an apprenticeship, you must complete an application form and ensure you meet all the entry requirements.

There are many ways to find apprenticeships, but we think the easiest way is to view them all in one place – that’s why we created our apprenticeship search engine.

You can also find apprenticeship vacancies on companies’ career pages, job boards and websites, and on university course pages.

The entry requirements will differ depending on the level of apprenticeship you are applying for and any company-specific criteria. However, to apply for any UK apprenticeship, you must be at least 16 years old and eligible to work in the UK.

The application form will ask for your personal details – be sure to use your legal name but you can also state your preferred name and pronoun preferences. There will most likely be a relevant experience section, followed by hobbies and interests. Fill in all the sections as honestly and engagingly as you can. Remember, your future employer is trying to get to know who you are to see if you would fit in with the business. You’ll need to attach your CV and possibly a cover letter or personal statement. There will often be competency questions or a task designed to test your suitability for the role. The application process may differ slightly between industries. For example, a design or other creative apprenticeship application may be portfolio-led. 

You should apply for multiple apprenticeships to increase your chances of a successful placement. You can also apply to university courses through UCAS and degree apprenticeships. It won’t harm your chances of securing an apprenticeship, it will be seen as evidence of strategic thinking. 

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