How to get an apprenticeship

How to get an apprenticeship

To get an apprenticeship, you must first find and apply for one! You can find apprenticeships near you using our search function, simply input the keywords and the location you are looking for. 

Getting an apprenticeship

The same applies to apprenticeships as in any job. To be considered for the role, you must first meet the basic entry requirements. Entry requirements will differ depending on the position and the level of apprenticeship you are applying for, so be sure to do your research. If you hit most of the criteria but are missing a grade, for example, it is still worth asking the question, as some apprenticeships allow candidates to complete the remaining required study in the first year. 

Apprenticeships can be very competitive, and just because you weren’t the best fit for one company doesn’t mean you won’t be perfect for the next. It is a numbers game, and you increase your odds of getting an apprenticeship if you apply for more than one.

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