What apprenticeships are there?

What apprenticeships are there?

There are apprenticeships in almost every business and sector you can think of, with more announced every year.

Incentives, such as the apprenticeship levy, have seen more and more companies running apprenticeships. As they have grown in number, they have also improved in the diversity of roles. 

However, five broad types of apprenticeship are consistently the most popular subject sectors, at least in the UK. 

  1. Business, Administration & Apprenticeships
  2. Health, Public Services & Care Apprenticeships
  3. Retail & Commercial Apprenticeships
  4. Engineering & Manufacturing Technologies Apprenticeships 
  5. Construction, Planning & Built Environment Apprenticeships

As you can see, these are very broad topics and encompass many disciplines and job roles. For example, Business, Administration & Law Apprenticeship include such diverse disciplines as Accounting, HR Social Media Marketing and Legal Services. Retail and Commercial spans everything from Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing to Funeral Operations, Vehicle Sales and International Trade and Logistics. 

However, it should give you an idea of the most popular and often most competitive apprenticeships in the UK. 

To explore all of they key apprenticeship industries (and many more) check out our in-depth industry guides.

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