What skills can you improve during an apprenticeship?

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What skills can you improve during an apprenticeship?

There are numerous skills you can improve during an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are developed to close the skills gaps within many sectors and hands-on training teaches industry-specific skills.

What skills do you want to improve during an apprenticeship? is a popular apprenticeship application question. The question is likely referring to transferable life skills that you may already possess but haven’t had many opportunities to apply in a business setting. 

These so-called soft skills are built into an apprenticeship programme. Number one on the list is communication. That is speaking, listening, and writing. During your apprenticeship, you will need to be able to communicate ideas and engage in meetings. You’ll need to listen to instructions and apply them. You may also need to produce reports or essays during your study time.

Organisation and time management are also crucial. You’ll be juggling your full-time workload alongside your study and need to stay organised and manage your time efficiently to excel. 

You’ll need to be independent but able to work as part of a team and adapt to new situations. You may be required to lead a small team or head up a particular project, so leadership skills, including empathy, honesty and passion, are integral. Problem-solvers are highly-prized in any industry, so try to find new ways to improve processes and anticipate issues. Apprentices are a new source of creativity and fresh ideas, so don’t be afraid to put yourself forward.

Remember that there are likely instances in your everyday life where you have demonstrated these skills, so you should be able to give real-wrodl examples if asked in an interview.

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