Liverpool Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Liverpool

Many large companies, including global businesses, are headquartered or have significant operations in Liverpool.

TJ Morris (owner of Home Bargains), shipping company Bibby Line, Princes (food and drink), John West, Sayers bakery, Cains Brewery and Stanleybet International are just a few big names housed on Merseyside.

Due to several NHS facilities, two Premier League football clubs and the Liverpool ONE development, there are many opportunities for interesting work across several sectors.

With a bevvy of reputable universities, large tourism industry and plenty to see and do, Liverpool is a great place to be an apprentice. Let’s find out more about the vibrant city of Liverpool and its apprenticeship career options. 

Careers in Liverpool

Undergraduates are spoilt for choice in Liverpool, with multiple universities providing apprenticeships in a whole host of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, wholesale trade, administration, retail and IT. 

But what about those qualified in one field but are looking to change careers? That’s where an adult apprenticeship comes in. Developed for postgraduates who want to work in and study a new industry or role, adult apprenticeships could be just what you are looking for.

The cost of any UK apprenticeship is divided equally by your employer and the Government, meaning you don’t have to pay a penny. Apprentices forgo student loans and other course costs while earning a fair wage.

Liverpool apprentices also benefit from expert mentorship and hands-on training. Many employers choose to hire the apprentice full-time upon graduation. However, you will also have developed the skills and gained the qualifications necessary to hit the ground running somewhere new.

Top employers

Liverpool is home to several significant employers in industries as diverse as healthcare, retail, hospitality, and administration. Some of the top companies in the area operate apprenticeship schemes alongside the city’s prestigious universities. Liverpool’s best apprenticeship employers include: 

  • NHS
  • Seafood Pub Company
  • Liverpool FC
  • Everton FC

“Named European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool has exciting opportunities across retail, leisure, and hospitality. “

Industry spotlight

Healthcare Apprenticeships

Healthcare is one of the most prominent industries in Liverpool. The Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust operates four hospitals, Aintree University Hospital, the Royal Liverpool Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital, and the Liverpool University Dental Hospital. There are also four walk-in centres, plus several nursing homes. Other healthcare jobs in Liverpool include home helps and youth support workers.

The NHS offers a variety of apprenticeships tailored to different job roles, such as dental nursing, pharmacy, and radiography apprenticeships.

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Hospitality Apprenticeships

The city is noted for its bustling hospitality sector, and a hospitality apprenticeship in Liverpool could have many applications. Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the UK, providing more than 1.5 million jobs. There are different levels of hospitality apprenticeships, depending on the role you wish to pursue, including hotel management, professional chef and even brewery.

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Retail Apprenticeships

With the Liverpool ONE retail and leisure complex, plus several other retail outlets based in Liverpool, it is no surprise that there are plenty of retail apprenticeships based in the area. A retail apprenticeship does not just qualify you to work in a shop, but can also be a pathway to a career in logistics, optimisation, visual merchandising or user experience. There are many vital cogs in the retail machine, and a Liverpool apprenticeship could give you the skills and qualifications you need to excel in retail.

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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships in Liverpool

Any UK company wanting to run an apprenticeship scheme must partner with a reputable university in the area. 

There are seven universities in Liverpool, the most prominent being the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University. Other Liverpool universities are more specialised, such as Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

University apprenticeships cover a large variety of industries, from healthcare and scientific research to retail, hospitality and construction. Liverpool university apprenticeships provide one pathway into the sector of your choice and can be the first step to a successful career.

Photography Apprenticeships

What is an apprenticeship?

 Apprenticeships can be summarised broadly as having four key benefits:

  1. Get practical hands-on experience 
  2. Earn a fair wage with no student debt
  3. Get qualified, upskills and consolidate your knowledge
  4. Learn from the best and grow your network

Living and working in Liverpool

Located in the North West of England, where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea, Liverpool is 35 miles from Manchester and 176 miles away from London. Both are easily accessible by rail, road, or air, via Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The name Liverpool translates to thick or muddy pool or creek in Old English. Liverpool became a world-leading trading port in1715, first with the Thomas Steer’s Dock. Today, Albert Dock is a thriving leisure and culture destination, packed with shops, eateries and bars, the Tate Liverpool art gallery and the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Liverpool being named European Capital of Culture in 2008, and the subsequent Liverpool ONE development created more jobs in retail, leisure, and hospitality. 

The birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool also has several tourist activities dedicated to the Fab Four, including the live music and food at the legendary Cavern Club and the popular Magical Mystery Tour bus trip.

Liverpool also scores highly for technological access, with 99% coverage from mobile phone networks and broadband speeds of approximately 27.8Mbps, significantly faster than average.

The main industries in Liverpool include healthcare, education, retail, scientific research and development, leisure and tourism, wholesale trade and administration.

Kickstart your career

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Get Your Degree with No Debt

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of a Liverpool apprenticeship is the opportunity to get a degree while forgoing the usual student debt. Liverpool degree apprenticeships are paid for equally by the Government and your employer. There are no student loans for you to worry about, and you will graduate without the usual debt associated with going to university.  You’ll also be fairly paid for your work, so living expenses shouldn’t be a problem. 

Gain a Mentor

Mentorship is part and parcel of your Liverpool apprenticeship. The idea is that you learn on the job from expert supervisors, who will also provide regular assessments and evaluations. You will also have plenty of in-classroom lessons to consolidate what you’ve learned and help you to gain the necessary qualifications.

Level Up

Those qualifications may take you to the next level of your career or help you to take the first step on a new path. There are four levels of UK apprenticeships – Intermediate, Advanced, Higher, and Degree.

Each level has different entry requirements but the specifics may also vary between individual apprenticeships. In return, you will learn new skills and consulate existing abilities and knowledge. Your hands-on experience, combined with the required qualifications, will make you a better candidate for future positions.

Take Home a Liveable Wage

All UK apprenticeships are backed by the apprentice minimum wage scheme. No matter which industry you’re in or the company you work for, you must be paid at least a liveable wage throughout your apprenticeship. Even better, many employees offer much higher pay to secure their top candidates. 

More Apprenticeships, More Options

Three main factors have seen a rise in apprenticeships – incentives to businesses (such as the apprentice levy), a government push, and a collective effort to close the ever-growing skills gap in the UK. As such, not only are there more UK apprenticeships than ever before, but they are also becoming more diverse. With most industries offer apprenticeships related to at least a few jobs.

The Best Fit For You 

The multi-cultural city of Liverpool is home to several sectors of business, leading to the development of many more apprenticeships. Liverpool apprenticeships are designed to fill the skills gap by giving candidates the practical skills and qualifications they need to succeed in a particular industry. If you know roughly what you want to do, you can check if you match the requirements. If you’re less sure, don’t worry. Our best industry apprenticeships page will help you to get an idea of what’s out there. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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