Seven Top Software Engineering Apprenticeships (for 2024)

A career in software development has a lot to offer, with the potential to earn a high salary, work on interesting and varied projects, along with the flexibility to work all over the world (or from home). 

One of the top 25 most in demand job roles, software engineering traditionally requires a university education, typically a Computer Science degree. However, thanks to new apprenticeship standards, there are now more ways than ever to get into a programming career as an apprentice.

So strap in and get ready for seven of the most exciting software apprenticeship opportunities in the UK right now.

Let’s get coding.

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What does it take to land a software engineering apprenticeship?

Although there are plenty of opportunities to get into software engineering as an apprentice, choosing the right role with the right entry levels can be tough.

Employers will not only take into account your existing and predicted qualifications (GCSE & A-Level) but also any extra curricular activities you take part in that makes you right for the job. 

Think about what hobbies you have and whether these could give you the edge on an application. Do you write code in your spare time? Make tutorial videos or program video games?

What do you enjoy doing that showcases logical thinking and problem solving?

When applying for software development apprenticeships, employers will also take into account the subjects you have previously, or are currently, studying. STEM subjects like maths and physics will demonstrate you have the right kind of skills to progress in a career in software, as well as the more obvious qualifications in IT and computing.

Where can I apply for a software apprenticeship?

We’ve compiled a list of the top companies who regularly hire for software engineering and development apprentice roles. Bear in mind that companies operate on different recruitment windows, so while some applications are active all year round, others will require you to check back regularly.


A top employer for apprenticeships, the BBC offers software engineering degree apprenticeships as part of its yearly recruitment window.

As a degree apprenticeship, this BBC opportunity will see you study for a university degree alongside your on-the-job learning and practical work. On the course you’ll learn from bespoke modules including ‘Object-oriented Java programming’, Web-cloud and mobile technologies, and IT and Enterprise systems,

This apprenticeship scheme provides a solid understanding of many software development niches, allowing for further specialisation as you advance in your career.

The BBC has two apprenticeship recruitment windows – check this page regularly for software apprenticeship openings.

BAE Systems

A Software Engineering Degree apprenticeship at BAE Systems involves working alongside experienced and world-leading software engineers.

It combines spending typically two days a week at University, where you will acquire an Honours Degree, with time working on real projects, enhancing the skills necessary to develop a long career in the industry.

The exciting work placement element of the course involves a wide range of activities for example: developing and testing aircraft displays, producing ground based equipment or the latest training simulators.

BAE Systems apprenticeships are available from November to February each year – Register your interest and we’ll let you know when these roles go live.


Sieman’s believe great minds think differently. That’s why they invest heavily in apprenticeships, with more than 500 roles available all over the UK. This includes a well regarded software developer apprenticeship programme.

Apply for Sieman’s apprenticeships here.


KPMG is another company renowned for their apprenticeships. Their Digital360 scheme introduces apprentices to a number of different technology and digital disciplines, including specific digital software engineering apprenticeships. They run across the UK including:

  • London
  • Manchester


Quite fittingly, Google’s jobs are some of the most searched for in the world.

They offer a Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship lasting 24 months in partnership with Makers Academy.

This opportunity starts with a three-month bootcamp before joining Google teams and then 80% of the time is spent learning on-the-job at Google and 20% in technical instruction. 

Their typical recruitment window runs in autumn, so keep checking back regularly.


Do you want to earn and learn? If so, a Capgemini Apprenticeship is the way to go.

If you’re ready to start your career right now an Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to further your qualifications, develop technical or business skills, learn from the best in the industry and build a network of like-minded peers. All this whilst, working with industry leading clients to solve some of the big problems our society faces…

On their software engineering programme, you will be working alongside people who are experts in different technologies and have a wealth of technical and client experience.  It is often fast-paced, and we work in a collaborative environment. You’ll be involved from day one with a team around you, be stretched, and, just as importantly, be trusted.


BP are embarking on an ambitious digital transformation, and they need apprentice software developers to help them on that journey.

Developing, improving and crafting new products and services, you’ll focus on at-scale enterprise software development products using Java, C#.Net or Node js. You’ll also be involved in rapid application development on low-code platforms such as Salesforce, Service Now and Microsoft PowerApps. In addition, you’ll look at responsive mobile/web development using React Native, Xamarin and similar frameworks. 

With a competitive starting salary of £20,000 + £3,000 sign-on bonus, this apprenticeship is highly sought after. Find out more information here!

Now its over to you

Choosing a career in software development through an apprenticeship offers plenty of exciting opportunities. Not only can you earn a good salary, but you also get to work on interesting projects and have the flexibility to work from home or anywhere in the world.

This article has highlighted seven of the top apprenticeship programs offered by well-known companies, but this is only a sample of the opportunities available. To land one of these apprenticeships (or ones like it), you’ll need to show not only your academic qualifications but also any hobbies or activities that demonstrate problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

So, if you’re interested in coding and creating innovative solutions, now’s the time to get started!

Relax. We’ll send the jobs to you.

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