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Apprenticeships at Kreston Reeves

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It’s often said that it’s people you work with that make a job special. At Kreston Reeves, we really believe that’s true. Our team of forward-thinking, professional experts creates long-term relationships and offers all the flexibility our clients need. By working in partnership, we help our clients build capital and sharpen their competitive edge, while of course fulfilling all their business, tax and wealth needs.

Our training programmes are a great way to further your career – offering valuable hands-on experience. We offer a competitive employment package and, once you’ve gained your qualification, you’ll have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and help train others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kreston Reeves offer work experience?

Yes, Kreston Reeves offers work experience through structured work placements. They actively support the local community by providing and participating in these placements in consultation with various educational organizations and businesses, including the Education Business Partnership, Careers Service, Schools, Colleges, and other Education-business links.

How much do Kreston Reeves apprenticeships pay?

Details on the pay for apprenticeships at Kreston Reeves specifically were not found. However, apprenticeship pay can vary based on the role, level, and the apprentice’s age. For a general idea, apprenticeship listings in similar fields and locations have shown starting salaries around £23,500 per annum.

Where do Kreston Reeves offer apprenticeship opportunities?

Kreston Reeves apprenticeships provide a combination of work-based training and off-the-job learning, enabling participants to develop their knowledge and skills, gain real-life work experience, and achieve a nationally recognized qualification.

What are the entry requirements for an apprenticeship at Kreston Reeves?

The entry requirements for an apprenticeship at Kreston Reeves include a mixture of specific educational achievements and personal skills. Although exact requirements were not specified, they likely look for candidates who are good with numbers, demonstrate time management, good communication skills, computer literacy, attention to detail, resilience, and the ability to manage one’s own workload.

How to get work experience at Kreston Reeves?

To obtain work experience at Kreston Reeves, individuals can engage with educational organizations such as the Education Business Partnership, Careers Service, Schools, and Colleges. These organizations facilitate structured work placements in consultation with Kreston Reeves and other businesses. Interested individuals can inquire with these educational organizations to learn more about the available opportunities and how to participate in work placements offered by Kreston Reeves. The placements are designed to add value to the education process in a realistic and worthwhile manner, providing participants with insights into the firm and the industry while contributing to economic prosperity by nurturing high-caliber talent.

Does Kreston Reeves offer apprenticeships?

Yes, Kreston Reeves does offer apprenticeships, presenting a valuable opportunity for school leavers who are keen to enter employment while continuing to learn.Kreston Reeves focuses on forward-thinking, professional expertise, aiming to support and develop the next generation of accountants and tax advisers. The firm has been recognized for its commitment to apprenticeships, being ranked among the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers in 2023.

How to get an apprenticeship at Kreston Reeves?

To get an apprenticeship at Kreston Reeves, interested candidates should apply directly through their careers page or through apprenticeship job boards where Kreston Reeves listings are posted. It’s beneficial to prepare by researching the company, ensuring your CV highlights relevant skills and experiences, and being ready to demonstrate why you’re interested in an apprenticeship with them.

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