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Dentist Apprentieships

Dental Apprenticeships: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that ‘dentist’ is only one of several roles you can take within the dental industry? Dental surgeries rely on a team of trained professionals – such as dental technicians, nurses, and hygienists – all of whom contribute …

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Police Apprenticeships

The Ultimate Guide to Police Apprenticeships

Those looking at a career in the police force should be aware that it is a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding job which requires a high level of emotional intelligence. It is also an incredibly rewarding career, serving in communities …

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Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

How to land a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

As the world becomes ever more digitally focused, digital apprenticeships have increasingly come to the fore as a way for companies to bridge the digital skills gap. The UK is a global leader in the technology sector, but many companies …

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Barber Apprenticeships

Barber apprenticeships: all you need to know

Fancy training to become a barber? Barber apprenticeships offer a way into the hair and beauty industry, working towards a recognised qualification while also getting paid. Apprentices get the chance to learn by working with and closely observing experienced professional …

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Highest Paying Apprenticeships

The highest paying apprenticeships in the UK

Well-paid apprenticeships really do exist. We’ve all heard the old saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. Then again, we’re not sure that whoever came up with that bit of wisdom ever had to deal with zero-hour contracts, spiralling petrol prices, …

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Music Apprenticeships

How to get a music apprenticeship

Are you passionate about music? Have you always wanted to get into the music industry but thought that university or being discovered on YouTube was the only way to get noticed? What if I told you there were other ways …

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Where to advertise your apprenticeships banner

How to advertise your Apprenticeships on a budget

The best places to get your apprentice roles seen. So, you’ve finalised your job description, got your training provider in place, and now it’s time to recruit some talent to fill your apprenticeships.  The problem is, finding the right person …

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Banking Apprenticeships

How to land a banking apprenticeship

Take a first step into finance. Technology and the methods people use to bank are rapidly changing. From rooms full of people balancing paper-based manual ledgers, to today’s complex digital network charting billions of daily transactions. Banking apprenticeships can cover …

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Apprenticeships during Lockdown

Finding an apprenticeship during the Covid-19 crisis.

How will the Corona Virus affect Apprenticeships? We are currently facing an unprecedented situation, not just in the world of apprenticeships, but in the world period. Due to lockdown in the UK, including the temporary closure of many businesses, lots …

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Aerospace apprenticeships banner

How do I find an Aerospace Apprenticeship?

Aerospace is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK, offering some very exciting opportunities from space start-ups to expanding government and university programmes. Aerospace engineers spend their time concocting designs for a variety of things that seem to magically …

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Is your next employer part of the 5% club?

The 5% Club is a group of employers committed to the constant development of their workforce.  By joining The 5% Club, members aspire to achieve 5% of their workforce in ‘earn and learn’ positions (including apprentices, sponsored students and graduates …

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Google apprenticeships in 2019

Google Apprenticeships (a guide for 2024)

Want to work for Google? Google shapes the way that we consume information every single day.  They power a host of products, from maps to emails to autonomous cars. Key to their apprenticeship program, google apprentices get exposure to different …

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