What is a graduate apprenticeship?

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What is a graduate apprenticeship?

A graduate apprenticeship is a programme combining paid work and an honours degree, up to Master’s level. Graduate degrees follow the same format as degree apprenticeships, with one major difference. They are designed for people who already have a bachelor’s degree and wish to increase their proficiency and gain a higher level qualification to work in a relevant role. The entry requirements may take into account previous experience and qualifications in a different field, so your degree need not be directed related to your new field of study. 

If you are currently in full-time employment but wish to change careers or take the next step up, a graduate apprenticeship is one way to accomplish your goals. Graduate apprenticeships usually last between three and six years, and you work towards a Master’s degree or equivalent. Graduate apprenticeship programmers are developed to ensure you don’t repeat previous learning. It’s about helping you to progress in your chosen career. Your employers benefit from your increased experience and knowledge of your field. 

Getting an apprenticeship as a graduate?

A graduate apprentice may also refer to somebody who has a degree level qualification or higher, but has opted to take on an apprenticeship to gain additional qualifications and hands-on experience, usually in a different field to that of their original degree.

Apprenticeships are open to anyone who is over 16 and meets the entry requirements – so it is perfectly OK for you to apply for apprenticeships if you already have a degree. However, some employers may specify that you must not already have an equivalent or higher level of qualification in the area of your apprenticeship. Essentially, this would make you overqualified for the position.

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