Derby Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Derby

Derby’s central location, manufacturing production, and large young population (around 40% under 30) make it an often forgotten gem when looking for career apprenticeships in the UK.

Culturally diverse with a large student population, Derby offers an alternative to bigger cities such as Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Let’s take a closer look at Derby apprenticeships and career opportunities in this highly productive city.

Careers in Derby

Derby is home to a wide range of businesses and industries, from engineering, manufacturing, transport, and telecommunications to pottery, business services, media and journalism, and retail.

All Derby apprenticeships are funded equally by the employer and the Government. This means you don’t need to worry about paying for your degree or how to pay off student loans when you graduate. UK apprentices are also guaranteed a livable wage.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will earn a degree or similar qualification. You will also get expert instruction to help you to learn practical skills on the job while increasing your network of contacts.

Upon graduating, you may have the choice to continue working for the same company or move on to pastures new. There may not always be a full-time position for you when your apprenticeship ends, but you will have evolved into an infinitely more appealing potential employee.

If you have trained in one field and wish to change direction, you might even want to consider an adult apprenticeship.

Top employers

Derby has the second highest number of manufacturing jobs in the UK. The city also offers many opportunities in other industries such as engineering, retail, transport, construction, media, business services, financial and insurance services, and IT 

and communications. Derby’s best apprenticeship employers include: 

  • Rolls Royce
  • Bombardier
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company

“As the UK’s most central city, Derby is surrounded by history and culture.”

Industry spotlight

Engineering & Automotive Apprenticeships

Rolls Royce is the city’s largest private sector employer, and places on Rolls Royce Derby apprenticeships are competitive. Toyota also has a large facility nearby. An automotive engineering apprenticeship can be used in many capacities, including the armed forces and motorsports racing. The rail industry is still strong in Derby, and you will also find bombardier derby apprenticeships and others related to the UK railway system.

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Construction Apprenticeships

Companies such as Balfour Beatty offer a range of Derby-based construction apprenticeships, including quantity surveyor apprenticeships, plant maintenance, and construction management apprenticeships. Run at a range of levels from intermediate to advanced higher, and degree apprenticeships, these apprenticeships can set you on the path to a potentially lucrative career with Balfour Beatty or a competitor.

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Media Apprenticeships

Derby is home to around 30 media companies, including YSP Media, an award-winning, two-time Royal Television Society-nominated film and video production company. Peak Practice, Sons & Lovers, and Elizabeth are just a few of the TV shows and films to have come from Derby production companies in recent years. Production Apprenticeships are just one media and journalism apprenticeship offered in Derby.

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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships in Derby

It is mandatory for any UK company that wishes to run an apprenticeship programme to partner with a reputable university in the area. The University of Derby is the only university in Derby and Derbyshire and has evolved from Derby College of Art and Technology.

The University of Derby is recognised for teaching and offers apprenticeships in law, manufacturing, nursing, civil engineering, cyber security, and many more.

Derby apprentices can choose from a huge range of industries and roles, confident that each carries excellent career prospects.

Apprenticeships vs University

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships can be summarised broadly as having four Key Benefits:

  1. Earn a liveable wage
  2. Get a government/company-funded degree qualification
  3. Gain real-world experience and practical skills
  4. Gain a mentor and increase your network

Living and Working in Derby

As the UK’s most central city, Derby is surrounded by history and culture. Regarded as one of the Midland’s most underrated cities, Derby offers an alternative to cities such as nearby Nottingham. 

Derby has some street cred in the gaming industry as the birthplace of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Famous sons include the artist Joseph Wright and the philosopher Erasmus Darwin.

It continues to be an industrial hub, with manufacturing for aerospace, automotive, and rail forming a third of the city’s GVA and accounting for 14,700 jobs – 12% of the total employment of the city’s economy. You will find 180 nationalities and more than 70 languages spoken in Derby. Derby also has a strong sign-language-using community, making it more accessible to the deaf and hearing-impaired. 

Despite its industrial heritage, Derby also offers more than 800 hectares of local parks. The river Derwent flows through the city centre, and The Peak District National Park is within easy reach. Sports fans can watch games of football and cricket at Pride Park stadium and The County Cricket Ground, respectively. 

You can get to London in two hours by train and travel on the M1. Derby does not have an airport, but is well situated to get to East Midlands, Birmingham, and Manchester airports.

Prominent industries in Derby include manufacturing, financial and insurance services, IT and communications, business services, retail, transport, and food.

Kickstart your career

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Earn a Liveable Wage 

UK apprenticeships are all backed by the apprentice minimum wage scheme. As a Derby apprentice, you will earn at least the minimum wage for your age group. You can count on being fairly compensated for your work and may earn far more. Some companies are known to offer higher pay to secure top candidates.

Get Your Degree Free

Funding a university degree can be a source of stress. If you get a full-time job, you may not have enough time to study. However, course costs can be prohibitive. Thankfully, all degree apprenticeships are paid for jointly by the UK Government and your employer. That means the wages you earn can pay for basic living expenses, and you have the time to devote to your studies and your apprentice position. When you graduate, you will have no debt from student loans and should be able to continue on your chosen career path.

Gain an Expert Mentor

Apprentices learn on the job by shadowing and learning from senior staff within the company. Gaining a mentor can help propel you forward in your chosen field as you learn from the best and build relationships within your industry network. You will also learn from tutors and be assessed to ensure you progress as expected throughout your apprenticeship.

Level Up

The four levels of UK apprenticeships – Intermediate, Advanced, Higher, and Degree all l represent a different classification of learning.  Each level and each apprenticeship will state its specific entry requirements. Make sure you research thoroughly to avoid missing out due to not meeting part of the criteria. Every level represents a step up on your career path.

More Apprenticeships Developed Each Year

Incentives to businesses (such as the apprentice levy), a government push, and a collective effort to close the ever-growing skills gap in the UK, have seen the development of more apprenticeship programmes than ever before. Diversity among the subjects and roles has also improved dramatically.

The Right Fit

Derby apprenticeships cover industries including manufacturing, law, IT and communications, nursing, civil engineering, and cyber security, to name but a few. More apprenticeships are constantly being developed and they are becoming more specialised too. This means apprentices can be confident they’ll be given the best possible education and real-world experience to help them progress in their chosen field. 

If you are searching for some inspiration, our best industry apprenticeships page might give you a better grasp of what’s out there. 

We are here to help. So, please look around and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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