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The best apprenticeships in Glasgow

Glasgow is home to some of the biggest companies in Scotland, and many global outfits have a presence in Scotland’s second-largest city. With four highly-rated universities, 70 parks and a rapidly growing economy, there’s never been a better time to investigate Glasgow apprenticeships. So, let’s get started!

Careers in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the premier locations in the UK for a wide range of sectors, including (but not limited to) the best opportunities in business management, jobs in finance, careers in technology, and NHS Glasgow apprenticeships.

Choosing an apprenticeship in Glasgow could place you in line for your dream career. Maybe you’re an undergraduate looking to get your start with a university apprenticeship? Or a graduate who wants to make a career change. Either way, a Glasgow apprenticeship could be the ideal solution. 

Being an apprentice in Glasgow means you ‘earn as you learn’. An apprenticeship with one of the city’s prestigious universities means you will earn a living wage while learning practical skills on the job from expert mentors. You’ll also have tutoring to improve your knowledge and understanding and be regularly evaluated for maximum growth. Even better, apprenticeships are paid for by the Government and your employers, so you don’t need to take out a student loan.

Top employers

Glasgow is one of Europe’s leading financial hubs and is also home to industry leaders across several other sectors. Some of Glasgow’s best apprenticeship employers include:

  • Catch 22
  • NHS
  • J.P Morgan

With four highly-rated universities, 70 parks and a rapidly growing economy, there’s never been a better time to investigate Glasgow apprenticeships.

Industry spotlight

Finance Apprenticeships

Global investment and asset management companies such as J.P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi, and Morgan Stanley have a significant presence in Glasgow. The city also plays host to all the major banks, including Barclays, Santander, HSBC, and Lloyds Banking Group. If you are looking for a career in finance, a financial apprenticeship in Glasgow can set you on the path to success.

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Business & Management Apprenticeships

A Glasgow-based business and management apprenticeship is one of the most versatile apprenticeship programmes available. Business administration, business management, business development or business analysis – the choice is yours. These roles are needed across just about every sector, and there is a multitude of companies waiting for bright, organised, problem-solving apprenticeships.

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IT & Digital Apprenticeships

Glasgow is also a tech hub, and an IT and digital apprenticeship could open many doors in the city. Every major company requires an IT team, and there are several roles you could work in. For example, digital marketing is wildly different from software development or cyber security, but don’t worry, each tech apprenticeship is tailored to equip you with the skills you will need for a career in a specific role.

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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships in Glasgow

To provide a degree apprenticeship, an employer must partner with a university to deliver it. 

Glasgow is a fantastic location for degree apprenticeships due to the four universities situated there – the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of the West of Scotland. The Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are also within the city’s borders. 

The University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde both have triple accredited business schools – only 1% of business schools worldwide hold this is triple accredited.

It seems many students choose to stay on, too, as Glasgow had the highest student retention rate of any city in the UK as of 2019.

One reason could be the many employment opportunities open to Glasgow apprentices and graduates. With an apprenticeship, you also bypass the student debts and go straight to earning a living wage while gaining practical experience.

Improve apprentice job posting

What is an Apprenticeship?

 Apprenticeships can be summarised broadly as having four Key Benefits:

  1. Learn specific skills on-the-job.
  2. Upskill, gain confidence and qualifications.
  3. Experience the best mentoring and grow your network.
  4. Earn a living wage without debts.

Living and working in Glasgow

Known as the former shipbuilding capital of the world, Glasgow is gaining a reputation as one of the best places to live and work in the UK. Second, only to Edinburgh in size, Glasgow actually has the largest economy in Scotland,  with a GDP of 41.6 billion in 2013. It is also growing at a higher rate than Edinburgh and the UK average.

There are plenty of job opportunities in the city, with the number of vacancies rising by 52% since 2016.

According to the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, the six key sectors for the city are as follows: low carbon industries; financial and business services; life sciences; engineering; tourism; and education. The Glasgow tech sector is also flourishing in recent years.

The city also scores highly in the standard of living, having been voted the third best in the UK and 48th in the world for quality of life in 2019, by the Mercer authoritative survey.

Living costs are considerably less than London, and Glasgow boasts varied and exciting facilities. There are 70 parks in and around the city, plus many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, galleries, and museums. 

Glasgow’s transport links are also excellent, with several direct trains to London and Edinburgh a day. There’s an underground network (the only one in Scotland), plus hundreds of kilometres of cycle lanes, and Glasgow Airport, for long and short-haul flights. 

Kickstart your career

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Learn from the best

Glasgow apprentices give you the opportunity to learn from the very best. You’ll get an invaluable mix of expert mentoring, in-classroom learning, and hands-on experience. Apprentices in Glasgow will enjoy all this while earning a livable wage and not accumulating any student debt.

Earn while you learn

Apprenticeships are properly paid. Gone are the days of slogging it out in a menial position dimly related to your field of interest for a pittance. Today’s apprenticeship schemes are backed by the apprentice minimum wage across all sectors so you can be sure you’ll be fairly compensated for your work. Not only that, but some employers even offer wages far exceeding the minimum wage in a bid to attract the very best candidates.

More apprenticeships than ever

Thanks, in part, to incentives to businesses (such as the apprentice levy), a government push, and a collective effort to close the ever-growing skills gap in the UK, there are now more apprenticeships available in the UK than ever before. And the number is increasing. These apprenticeships are not only growing in number but are also becoming increasingly diverse.

Level up

UK apprenticeships are designed to cater to different levels of education and experience: Intermediate, Advanced, Higher, and Degree. Each level has different entry requirements and may represent a different stage on your career path. So whether you’re just starting or switching to a new specialty, there’s an apprenticeship programme out there for you.

Debt-free degrees

Gaining a degree without the usual student loan debts may seem too good to be true. But that’s exactly what you get with one of the many Glasgow University apprenticeships available. All of your tuition fees are split by your employer and the Government. So you don’t have to take out a loan and should graduate debt-free with very strong employment prospects.

Tailor-made apprenticeships

New Glasgow apprenticeships are being created and delivered across most industries every year. So, if you decide an apprenticeship is right for you, you’re more likely to find the perfect fit than ever before. If you know what kind of role or sector you would like to work in, it will help you narrow down your choices. Don’t worry if not, though, do as much research as you and take some time to think about your career goals. If you need any help, we’d be more than happy to speak to you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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