Are Apprenticeships Offered?

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Are Apprenticeships Offered?

Does Centrica offer apprenticeships?

Centrica does indeed offer apprenticeships, focusing on bringing in new talent and diversifying their workforce, including a push to hire more female apprentices. They run several apprenticeship schemes, including roles as Smart Energy Expert Apprentices and Apprentice Smart Engineers, among others.

Does BT offer apprenticeships?

BT does offer apprenticeships, supporting more than 2500 individuals each year in various fields within BT, EE, Plusnet, or Openreach, where apprentices gain real-world skills and contribute to solving significant tech challenges.

Does BDO offer apprenticeships?

Yes, BDO offers a wide range of apprenticeship programs for school and college leavers who prefer an alternative to university. These apprenticeships are designed to provide relevant work experience, achievement of professional qualifications, and the development of necessary skills and behaviors to become an exceptional BDO adviser.

Does Caroola Group offer apprenticeships?

Yes, Caroola Group UK, in partnership with Paragon Skills, has demonstrated a robust investment in apprenticeships, establishing a dedicated Apprenticeship Academy to support the professional training and development of its apprentices.

Does Bishop Fleming offer apprenticeships?

Bishop Fleming does offer apprenticeships, and they have a track record of investing in new talent through these programs. Their apprenticeship scheme has seen a record intake of new recruits, including school leavers and graduates, indicating a strong commitment to developing early careers within the firm.

Does Capita offer apprenticeships?

Capita does indeed offer apprenticeships, providing a variety of opportunities to gain hands-on experience while earning and learning simultaneously. Their apprenticeships are designed to help individuals gain technical and specialist skills in sectors such as digital technology, sales, analytics, customer experience, and more, with support and mentoring throughout the process to build confidence and competence in the chosen career path.

Does Bupa offer apprenticeships?

Bupa does offer apprenticeships in various areas including care homes, dental practices, health clinics, call centers, and head office. They emphasize learning through hands-on roles, earning a salary while gaining nationally recognized qualifications, and receiving full support to balance studies and work. The company seeks apprentices who are passionate about customers and care, without strictly requiring previous experience or qualifications for most positions.

Does Deloitte offer apprenticeships?

Deloitte offers a range of apprenticeship opportunities, including the BrightStart Apprenticeship Scheme, which allows school leavers to earn while they learn, gaining professional and degree-level qualifications. Deloitte's apprenticeships cover various areas such as Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Tax Consulting, and more, aiming to provide valuable hands-on experience and skills development.

Does British Army offer apprenticeships?

The British Army does offer apprenticeships, providing a range of opportunities across various roles that reflect the diversity of functions within the Army. These apprenticeships cover a wide array of skills and professions, including engineering, healthcare, logistics, and IT, among others, catering to the vocational training and career development of individuals within the military context.

Does Christies offer apprenticeships?

Christie's does offer apprenticeships, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to start their careers in the art industry. These apprenticeships are designed to combine on-the-job experience with formal training, leading to nationally recognized qualifications. The roles available span across the business, from Operations to Art departments, allowing apprentices to witness and even participate in record-breaking auctions.

Does Armstrong Watson offer apprenticeships?

Yes, Armstrong Watson offers professional apprenticeship schemes for individuals finishing school or college or those looking to start a new career path. These include the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and a smaller number of Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) apprenticeship places.

Does Balfour Beatty offer apprenticeships?

Yes, Balfour Beatty offers a wide range of apprenticeship programs across the UK, covering various professional fields such as Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Plant Maintenance, and many more. These programs are designed to provide hands-on experience and recognized qualifications, alongside mentorship and support.