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Apprenticeship Wages

How much do ANS Group apprenticeships pay?

ANS apprenticeships come with a scaling salary, meaning apprentices earn while they learn, with pay increasing as they progress through their apprenticeship.

How much do Amazon apprenticeships pay?

Amazon does not specify the exact amount but mentions that apprentices will be paid a monthly salary and qualify for usual Amazonian perks. The apprenticeship includes the course, tuition, and time to complete the programme within a 40-hour working week.

How much do Centrica apprenticeships pay?

The pay for Centrica apprenticeships starts at £14,000, rising to £17,000 after 19 weeks and £20,000 after 27 weeks. Once fully qualified and working full time, salaries can reach £28,000, with the potential to earn an additional average of £4,000 per year through bonuses and overtime.

How much do Caroola Group apprenticeships pay?

The specific payment details for Caroola Group apprenticeships were not disclosed in the information available. Generally, apprenticeship wages vary based on the program and the apprentice's age and experience level.

How much do Capita apprenticeships pay?

While the specific salary details for Capita apprenticeships were not directly available, it is mentioned that all apprenticeship roles are permanent positions that come with a competitive apprenticeship salary. This suggests that the remuneration is fair and in line with industry standards, considering the value Capita places on its apprentices.

How much do Buzzacott apprenticeships pay?

While the exact pay for Buzzacott apprenticeships is not publicly disclosed, apprentices will receive incremental salary increases as they hit various milestones in their qualification. This suggests a structured pay increase system is in place, rewarding progress and achievement during the apprenticeship.

How much do Bupa apprenticeships pay?

While exact payment details for all apprenticeships were not specified, Bupa states that apprentices receive good pay and benefits. For dental nurse apprenticeships specifically, Bupa pays the national living wage, provides holiday pay, and supports apprentices with travel costs in certain areas. Upon completing the qualification, apprentices can expect a marked salary increase.

How much do BT apprenticeships pay?

The starting salary for BT apprentices is a minimum of £17,922 per year, with potential increases as apprentices achieve milestones and gain skills.

How much do British Army apprenticeships pay?

The pay for apprenticeships within the British Army is competitive and varies according to the role, level of the apprenticeship, and the individual's progress and performance. In addition to a starting salary, apprentices may receive additional benefits, including accommodation, medical support, and pension contributions, reflecting the Army's commitment to supporting its personnel.

How much do BDO apprenticeships pay?

Specific salary details were not mentioned, but BDO emphasizes the provision of competitive salaries alongside the professional qualifications and experience gained through their apprenticeship programs.

How much do Barratt Developments apprenticeships pay?

While specific salary details for apprenticeships were not provided, the company mentions that apprentices receive a competitive salary along with a range of benefits. The benefits include a pension scheme, participation in a flexible benefits program, the ability to join the Share Incentive Plan (SIP), and up to 25 days of holiday per year.

How much do Balfour Beatty apprenticeships pay?

While specific salary details are not provided, Balfour Beatty mentions that apprentices will receive a competitive salary plus a range of benefits, which vary across the business. These benefits include a pension scheme, participation in a flexible benefits programme, the ability to join the Share Incentive Plan (SIP), and up to 25 days holiday per year. The salary is subject to increase as the apprentice becomes more experienced and qualified.