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Apprenticeship Wages

How much do Azets apprenticeships pay?

While specific salary details are not provided, Azets mentions offering competitive salaries and benefits, which suggests that their apprenticeships are paid. Apprentices at Azets benefit from a range of perks including a good holiday allowance and paid sick days.

How much do Avon and Somerset Police apprenticeships pay?

The starting salary for candidates on the PCDA program is £28,551 for Year 1, increasing to £29,751 for Year 2, and £30,957 for Year 3.

How much do Aon apprenticeships pay?

Aon provides competitive salaries for their apprentices, in line with market rates, including a comprehensive pension and flexible benefits package, and 25 days of paid holiday per annum.

How much do Bishop Fleming apprenticeships pay?

The specific pay for Bishop Fleming's apprenticeships was not directly stated, but apprenticeship schemes generally offer a competitive salary, especially for firms that invest significantly in their programs, as Bishop Fleming does. It's worth reaching out directly to the firm or checking their careers page for the most current information on compensation.

How much do McDonald’s apprenticeships pay?

While specific payment details for apprenticeships are not provided, it is highlighted that apprentices will receive a wage during their training, supporting them financially while they gain valuable experience and work towards nationally recognized qualifications.

How much do Mitchells & Butlers apprenticeships pay?

The pay for apprentices at Mitchells & Butlers can vary, with one example listed as ranging from £224.70 to £312.60 per week for Bar and Waiting Apprenticeships. This suggests a competitive salary within the hospitality apprenticeship schemes.

How much do John Lewis Partnership apprenticeships pay?

The pay for apprenticeships at John Lewis Partnership was not explicitly mentioned in the sources reviewed. However, apprenticeships in the UK typically offer a competitive salary that reflects the level of training and responsibility given to the apprentice.

How much do Mitie Group apprenticeships pay?

Mitie assures a competitive salary for its apprentices, this is part of Mitie's commitment to offering a valuable alternative to university education, allowing participants to earn while they learn and grow professionally.

How much do NatWest Group apprenticeships pay?

For degree level apprenticeships, the salary range is between £22,455 and £29,574. This pay scale likely applies to other apprenticeship positions as well, offering a competitive earning opportunity while learning and developing professionally.

How much do Network Rail apprenticeships pay?

The pay for apprenticeships at Network Rail can vary depending on the role and the apprentice's age. Network Rail states that their apprentices earn a competitive salary, which is above the national apprenticeship wage. Exact figures are usually detailed in the job postings for each apprenticeship position.

How much do Nissan apprenticeships pay?

Regarding pay, specific details are provided for certain positions, such as the Supply Chain Management Degree Apprenticeship and the Data Science Degree Apprenticeship, both based in Sunderland, starting with a salary over £17,500. These figures suggest that apprenticeship salaries are competitive and designed to reward hard work and progression.

How much do Pendennis Shipyard apprenticeships pay?

While specific details about the pay for apprenticeships at Pendennis Shipyard were not directly available, it's highlighted that apprentices are employed from day one and receive competitive rates of pay, alongside other benefits such as a Pendennis pension plan, accredited qualifications, and opportunities for extra-curricular activities.