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Apprenticeships at Bupa

Apprenticeships are a chance to earn while you learn. As a Bupa apprentice, you’ll be given full support so you can balance both studies and work. Whoever you are, whatever your background, the work and effort you do will have a lasting impact on people’s lives.

We don’t expect you to have experience before applying – that’s what the apprenticeship is for!

With a few exceptions, we don’t require any minimum qualifications either. You just need to be passionate about customers and care.

Bupa apprenticeships are available in our care homes, dental practices, health clinics, call centres and head office. You can learn anything from Dental Nursing to IT.

As well as good pay and benefits, you’ll earn transferable skills and qualifications that can set you up for life. Our results speak for themselves – our apprenticeship pass rate is over 80%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Bupa offer apprenticeship opportunities?

Bupa offers apprenticeship opportunities across the UK in various settings, including care homes, dental practices, health clinics, call centers, and their head office. This wide range of locations allows apprentices to gain valuable experience in different healthcare and administrative environments.

How to get an apprenticeship at Bupa?

To get an apprenticeship at Bupa, candidates should apply through the Bupa Careers page or specific apprenticeship listings. It’s beneficial to join Bupa’s talent community for notifications on suitable openings. Applicants for dental nurse positions, for example, can expect an interview process that includes an overview of the role, questions on skills and qualities, clinical and non-clinical questions, and a chance to ask questions about the role and company.

How much do Bupa apprenticeships pay?

While exact payment details for all apprenticeships were not specified, Bupa states that apprentices receive good pay and benefits. For dental nurse apprenticeships specifically, Bupa pays the national living wage, provides holiday pay, and supports apprentices with travel costs in certain areas. Upon completing the qualification, apprentices can expect a marked salary increase.

When do Bupa apprenticeship applications open?

The specific time when apprenticeship applications open isn’t detailed on the Bupa careers site. However, Bupa encourages potential applicants to join their talent community or regularly check their job areas page for new opportunities, indicating that openings may vary throughout the year.

Does Bupa offer apprenticeships?

Bupa does offer apprenticeships in various areas including care homes, dental practices, health clinics, call centers, and head office. They emphasize learning through hands-on roles, earning a salary while gaining nationally recognized qualifications, and receiving full support to balance studies and work. The company seeks apprentices who are passionate about customers and care, without strictly requiring previous experience or qualifications for most positions.

What are the entry requirements for an apprenticeship at Bupa?

The entry requirements for a Bupa apprenticeship can vary by role. For example, the dental nurse apprenticeship requires applicants to be over 16, eligible to work in the UK, not in full-time education, and employed as a dental nurse for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Candidates should have Maths & English GCSE grades A-C/4-9 or equivalent, and access to a computer or laptop with internet for attending webinars and preparing coursework is necessary.

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