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Legal apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly common way of breaking into the industry, providing an affordable alternative to the traditional law degree.

Law apprenticeships

At first glance, it might sound a bit crazy that you can become a legal professional through an apprenticeship. But it actually makes perfect sense. It can be a great way to throw yourself into a challenging career, like becoming a solicitor. Law degrees can be expensive, typically four years in length. With a degree apprenticeship you can gain a law degree debt free, while earning a living wage. You can focus on legal administration, become a paralegal, or qualify as a solicitor if you wish to practice. It is also possible to use an apprenticeship to become a chartered legal executive, a hybrid position between a paralegal and solicitor which focuses on a specific legal niche.

Living and working in Birmingham

Located in the centre of England, Birmingham is the second most populous UK city, after London. Birmingham is also the ‘youngest’ city in Europe, with almost 40% of the population under 25. This young population may account for Birmingham’s sense of innovation and ambition. The city is home to internationally recognised research and development centres, such as the Institute for Global Innovation (IGI) and the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). History and culture buffs enjoy many attractions, including the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, museums and theatres, and the Library of Birmingham.

Apprentice Levels Explained

Intermediate apprenticeships

Intermediate apprenticeships are recognised as a level 2 qualification. Completing a standard intermediate apprenticeship is like getting 5 GCSE passes.

You could find yourself applying for an intermediate apprenticeship if you struggled with some of your GCSE subjects. Alternatively, you could apply for an intermediate apprenticeship in a completely new field or subject that you don’t know much about.

Although intermediate apprenticeships are equivalent to GCSEs, many will require that you have (or continue to study) English and maths to GCSE level.

Advanced apprenticeships

Advanced apprenticeships are recognised as a level 3 qualification. Completing an advanced apprenticeship is like getting 2 A level passes.

You can apply for an advanced apprenticeship after you have completed your GCSEs. Rather than going to college full time, this type of apprentice work would see you gaining valuable work experience, going to college only one day a week.

An advanced apprenticeship might also be relevant for an existing A level student wanting to move into a new field or subject. Of course, you can also qualify for an advanced course by completing an intermediate apprenticeship.

Higher apprenticeships

Higher apprenticeships are equivalent to Foundation degrees. Foundation degrees are like stepping stones between A levels and Bachelor’s degrees. They help people study for a particular subject and get them ready for a degree.

Higher apprenticeships are a great way to gain an expertise in a particular subject, and the qualifications achieved are held in high regard across many industries.

You could apply for a Higher apprenticeship if you want to eventually work towards a degree in a subject.

Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are equivalent to a Bachelors or Masters degree. It is a degree that is normally sponsored by both a company and a university.

A degree apprenticeship can be a great way into an established company. You can earn a wage while also picking up a degree, without any of the usual costs of university.

Often a degree apprenticeship will be developed by a company and a university looking for a certain type of skill. These are available in many types of technical and knowledge industries, where degree-level expertise is required.

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